“Senator Clinton is like the prune juice of this election.”

Excerpted from 3:55 to 4:22 of video…

“Senator Clinton is like the prune juice of this election,” he said. “She might not seem very appetizing, but if you don’t take her now, you’re gonna be clogged with crap for a very long time!”

‘SNL’: Larry David Returns As Bernie Sanders In ‘Family Feud’ Election Parody (Video)

I happened to catch that part of the video played on CNN while having dinner this evening, and then looked it up.

Politicians lie. Comedians tell the truth. Go figure.

This political humor is extra funny because Family Feud is my favorite game show on TV – makes me laugh. I’ve sometimes thought candidates (and their families) should face off on it for real.

This does not mean I’m for Clinton. In fact, I’m now down to None Of The Above if that were to be a checkbox on the ballot under the listed candidates – Clinton, Johnson, and Trump. “Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Not even Roto-Rooter can fix this election now.


Reported by Jim Lantern

About 6:45pm Central Time US, Norman Oklahoma, Sunday 2 October 2016

Next on my Rolaids schedule is Fear The Walking Dead on AMC TV at 8:00pm CT. At least it is not as disturbing as CNN. I am looking forward to the start of Season 7 of The Walking Dead at 8:00pm CT Sunday 23 October 2016.

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