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 [*Notes: Jim Lantern is my pen name for Internet as an independent journalist and as a science fiction author. I no longer have Internet access at home; now using free terminals at public library or wherever I can access free WI-FI.]
Me at Oklahoma University duck pond July 2008 – Click on image to see full size…


Use “Comments” under this page to provide general feedback. Otherwise use Comments under postings for feedback on specific topics.


Opposing opinions on specific subjects are allowed in Comments, as long as they are not in the form of personal insults against me. I will not tolerate attacks by trolls. A good debate focuses on the issues. A bad debate is just an exchange of personal insults. If I say the sky is blue, and you say I’m stupid because I believe the sky is blue, then I’ll delete your comment. If instead you say you believe the sky is green, then that is acceptable because you are stating your opinion without attacking me or anyone else.

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