Saying Goodbye to The Walking Dead

Enough! There was a time when the acting, drama, and storytelling made The Walking Dead (on AMC TV) alone enough to keep Cox Contour cable TV. It was that good. It made me care about the characters and their fate. Then season-by-season, one-by-one, the main characters were being killed off. The ending of the first half of Season 8, Episode 8 ending, went too far by killing off Carl Grimes who was considered to be the future of the series to take it up to 20 seasons.

Daryl Dixon has been my favorite character, and most viewers agree that if he were to be killed off then it would be the end of the series for them – they would stop watching, and I agree. Recent seasons, Rick Grimes, the main character, has more and more become a bad guy. The ultimate bad guy, Negan, keeps looking better. Negan has indicated he only kills people who deserve it, while Rick gets people killed off by his wrong actions – people Negan would have saved for the future of the world as he sees it – fighting and beating the walkers (zombies). Recently, the TV version has gone a different route than the older comics version, so what happens now with the death of Carl is a big unknown with much speculation. I no longer care. Cox keeps increasing its rates, so this is a good time to abandon Cox and The Walking Dead on AMC TV.

~  Reported by Jim Lantern


Norman, Oklahoma 

Monday 22 January 2018

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