Terminating Cox – adjusting budget – impact on my WordPress site Lantern Journal

Copy of AUTO-REPLY to all who are sending email to me.

Effective Tuesday 23 January 2018: I will no longer have access to Internet and to check email from home, terminating Cox that date. Then when able, I will access Internet and check email from Norman Public Library west branch free computer terminals, or otherwise using my personal laptop notebook wherever there is free WI-FI. There will be at least 2 library visits every month – on or about the 3rd, and then about 3 weeks later on or about the 24th – when I’ll try to get caught up on email replies while returning books and checking out books.

Giving up the Cox Bundle for Internet, TV, and phone puts about $130 back into my budget for food, medicine and other basic needs with increasing cost I’ve been running out of money for 3 weeks into a budgeted month during the past 6 months. I do not like to have to burden others for help, who themselves are having difficult times, and visits to local food banks/pantries can help some but does not provide me with items I need the most – some reserved for families not given out to singles like me.

I am keeping my cell phone via Tracfone and adding on 120 minutes each month, mainly for texting.

I am keeping my Twitter and WordPress accounts for accessing from the library, but I consider myself to be retired from writing now – there may be occasional exceptions [like the bizarre message from Twitter to me that I’ll publish here in the next posting].

My 62nd birthday is 5 March 2018. My health continues to fail, but fluctuates with a few good days I can still get things done. I will be doing more reading, and renting movies on DVD for watching on my TV to help pass the time.

Anyway, please allow at least 3 weeks for email replies from me. Thanks.

~  Reported by Jim Lantern


Norman, Oklahoma 

Monday 22 January 2018

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