Notice to Followers and Readers:

Your time reading my writings has been appreciated. Thanks. Writing has been part of my soul.

This is my final posting here. My physical health has so significantly declined during the past 24 hours, that short of a miracle I do not expect to live beyond the end of this month.

I’ve scheduled my service with Cox to be disconnected and equipment picked up between 8am-10am tomorrow morning for CATV and Internet. Friday the 13th, when a winter ice storm – mixed with flooding heavy rain plus strong wind and power failures – is expected to arrive here in Oklahoma and last through Monday.

I’m setting up auto-reply for my gmail account to let anyone know who is otherwise not notified and sends email to me. There will be no more live emails to anyone after tonight. I will still have the cell phone for talk or text until the end, but usually off unless expecting a call or unless I need to make a call.

I’m using the remainder of today to shut down other Internet activities and to say goodbye to my readers at WordPress.

I would have preferred to keep TV to see the January 20 Trump inauguration, but my physical condition has so significantly declined in the past 24 hours that I doubt I’ll still be alive on January 20. I also wanted to see the new season of my favorite TV series – The Walking Dead – returning next month, but short of a miracle I’ll be gone before the first episode. The previous estimate of having 5 to 6 months left to live is no doubt impossible now. Therefore I’m doing the responsible thing to make sure Cox gets its equipment back. Also because it appears using the Internet is now somehow contributing to my rapid decline in physical health, I must put a stop to it. There’s also the Cox rate increase that would cut into my budget if I were to keep CATV or Internet.

I was born 5 March 1956 – my 61st birthday would be 5 March 2017.

I’m leaving this free WordPress site up in my pen name of “Jim Lantern” at Lantern Timeglass Journal, where people can still read articles I’ve written in the past, and for free to read my entire science fiction novel that was published as a paperback in May 2003 and was available as an ebook in May 2004-2006. I will live on in my writing…



Jim Lantern (pen name) aka Jim Harwood in Norman Oklahoma
Thursday morning, 12 January 2017

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