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Motto: “Auxilium Via Lumine” – To Help Light The Way

Including new focus on Homeless and Housing Issues.
Loss of affordable housing is now the Number 1 cause of homelessness here in the United States,
accounting for 51% of homeless people – including families with children,
married couples, singles, seniors only getting Social Security Retirement benefits,
and others like me now on Social Security Disability benefits,
as well as some part time workers and low wage full time workers.
Donations, for The Lantern Project regarding homeless and housing issues,
via my legal name James Harwood instead of my “pen name” Jim Lantern

Jim Lantern is my legal pen name for the Internet
as an Independent Journalist and Science Fiction Author.

James Charles Harwood is my full legal birth name.

Postings are in the U.S. Central Time Zone for Norman Oklahoma
where I’m again living since 10 October 2015,
previously living in Norman 3 May 2008 to 2 May 2015
at Bishop’s Landing Apartments (sold and razed).
[Use the World Clock to compare your time zone.]

For time travelers, of a kind, answers can come before questions.

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The above image is art from the movie Watchmen.

As witnesses and reporters of various kinds of U.S. and world events, amateur independent journalists are a kind of modern-day “Watchmen” but without the superhero aspects. “Amateur” means we are not paid professionals. “Independent” means we are not associated with any news agencies.

I write about a wide-range of subjects – including but not limited to: Government and Political Issues, Religion and Spiritual Issues, Health and Science Issues, Science Fiction and other kinds of Entertainment such as Music Videos.

In the past I’ve sometimes monitored CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC on TV, as well as other kinds of news sources, while checking the Google News feed online and searching Google News for news stories about certain issues or subjects, and for updates on major news stories. I’ve also sometimes monitored news sources via Twitter and Facebook. Most editorial articles are about my reactions to major news stories – my opinions, as well as specific government and political issues. Some cross over into the realm of religion, in which I’m basically a Universalist – specifically a Spiritual Universalist.

I’m a Centrist Independent unaffiliated voter in politics. I average out to be Centrist by agreeing with Liberals on some issues and agreeing with Conservatives on some issues. Similar to Libertarians, but not as far left or far right as they are.

Although I’m a Spiritual Universalist in religion, I support the Church in the Park concept for outreach here in Norman Oklahoma to help homeless people. They saved my life, as did Food and Shelter for Friends and the local Salvation Army Shelter, to finally locate and acquire an affordable apartment – ending the time I was out-on-the-street homeless. They have helped other victims – including some of the other 226 tenants displaced by the loss of Bishop’s Landing Apartments.


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Notes about “Protected” Password Postings:

  • The password is the same for all articles – it is: Independence
  • The password is the same for all science fiction stories and their parts – it is: clockwork

For more information about “Protected” Password Postings, read the Password Postings Page.


I do not presently have Internet access at my new apartment here in Norman Oklahoma. I might not be as frequent going to downtown or west branch library to use one of their free public terminals to check email, and use Internet for my WordPress site [Lantern Timeglass Journal under my Jim Lantern pen name*], for the rest of this month and possibly until 3 March or 3 April 2016. I hope by then to have other means of access, and to buy a new Chromebook or notebook or laptop that is both Wi-Fi and has an Ethernet port for a cable modem. I’m open to suggestions for other means and services for accessing the Internet, (and TV other than CATV or Dish/satellite).
[*Note: Jim Lantern is my pen name for Internet as an independent journalist and as a science fiction author.]
Jim Lantern aka Jim Harwood

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