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Need a better choice for President 8 November 2016, then do a write-in vote for Christ Jesus!

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Jesus were to be a “write-in” vote and win.

There has been some talk of “write-in” votes for President in U.S. Election 2016, by some of those people who are opposed to Democrat Clinton, Republican Trump, and Libertarian Johnson on the ballot in all 50 states and DC. Stein and her Green Party isn’t going to be on all of the ballots. Some state ballots allow write-ins, and some do not.

Earlier this morning, “Jesus is the Son of God” was in Top 10 (United States) Trending at Twitter 7:30am CT Tuesday 11 October 2016, I was shocked to discover. Why was it Trending? “Evangelical magazine publishes scathing anti-Trump editorial” – from Yahoo! News, apparently set it off this morning – 4 weeks until polls open for voting Tuesday 8 November 2016.

I refer to Jesus as Christ Jesus instead of Jesus Christ because Christ is a title like King, not a family name – was not his earth family name. After all, we do not refer to King James as James King.

Jesus would not likely accept for lack of need to be President of the United States, since his authority is already a bit higher than that.

Pence, Trump’s running mate, applied Christian forgiveness to Trump’s “locker room” conversation recorded 11 years ago, as a means to continue to support him, while others are dumping him. However, Pence then condemned Hillary Clinton for what Bill Clinton did, so no Christian forgiveness for them. Double standard hypocrite!

About 24 hours ago, the only path to victory for Trump on the Electoral Votes map was to win Florida. Since the release of the tape of him boasting how he uses abuse of star power to abuse women, the Second Presidential Debate, and the impact of Hurricane Matthew, it now appears Florida will go to Clinton. Trump no longer has a path to victory, and has now gone on a Twitter vindictive rampage against the Republican Party to further seal his doom.

Some voters like me, who oppose Clinton and now oppose Trump will vote “down ballot” for all others and important questions on ballots, but not vote for any presidential candidate. I’m now opposed to all presidential candidates. I refuse to vote for someone I’m opposed to. I refuse to vote for the least of evils. Even though I now see Clinton as being the lesser of two evils, Trump being slightly worse than her, I will not vote for her. Johnson, although having been a good governor, would be an incompetent president. Weld is better than Johnson. If he were the presidential candidate instead of Johnson, then he might have got more votes, but not enough to make any real difference.

My prediction now is Clinton will win the Electoral votes by 5% at most, and win the popular vote by 10% at most.

I do not agree Clinton will just be another 4 years of Obama. There are differences between Clinton and Obama. While most things will remain the same, there will be some changes. How much those changes impact the day-to-day living of most Americans remains to be seen. There is cause for concern.

I predict Trump will not simply fade away or take the “very long vacation” he has said he will take if he loses. I believe he will go on a vindictive rampage against the country to punish the government and average voters, while increasing his business empire to benefit himself and other countries. He will be totally consumed by his hatred, like embracing the “dark side” of The Force, and like the transformation from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. Some people might then refer to him as the anti-Christ.

The remaining question is: Will Democrats take back the House AND Senate? To try to prevent that, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has abandoned Trump in favor of totally focusing on supporting “down ballot” candidates in order to keep Congress from falling into the hands of Democrats, especially if Clinton wins the White House. IF Clinton has control of Congress, then we’ll have a different kind of totalitarian dictatorship under her than what we would have under Trump. She’s a fan of the “Big Brother” kind of government in George Orwell’s “1984” novel. No doubt Trump – if by some unholy miracle were to win, then he would likely establish a police state with a militarized and federalized national police force as a totalitarian dictator.

I do believe the Republican Party is now mostly dead, and will never fully recover. I predict conservatives will form a new political party and then launch a revolt to try to take back the country in 2020. It is likely to be made up of Christian conservatives. The danger then is if the pendulum swings too far right to result in the establishing of a theocracy. The only acceptable theocracy were to be if Jesus were to return and take control of the world, not just the United States. Otherwise a human-led theocracy is likely to result in gross abuse of power, just as bad if not worse than what Clinton or Trump would do.

Had enough of all the sin associated with government and politics? If so, then do a write-in vote for Jesus.

Just a food-for-thought suggestion by Jim Lantern
12:00pm CT Tuesday 11 November 2016

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