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Independent political journalist and science fiction author. Centrist in politics - conservative on most but not all government and economic issues, liberal on most but not all personal and social issues. Registered as an Independent voter, unaffiliated. Spiritual Universalist in religion. Past professions include electronics repair, parts inventory control, and motel management. Single, no children, parents deceased. Born 1956 in Wichita Kansas, lived in Norman Oklahoma since 2008.

So Long Farewell under the Blue Moon

Final posting from home via Cox Internet. Unless something happens between now and Cox picking up the equipment tomorrow morning to justify another posting.

Next posting will likely be from the Norman Public Library west branch first good weather day after the groundhog bites the dust February 2nd. Rather than using one of their free computer terminals with certain usage limits, I will write postings in advance at, go to the library, access their free wifi, and then upload them to WordPress, as well as updating my Twitter account, checking email, and a few other items. Gas (heat) and electric services are now on automatic bank draft. I still have to pay rent for my apartment by personal check or money order instead of debit card or automatic bank draft I’d prefer. Such a good weather day will include stops at Burger King or McDonalds near there, or Arby’s on the way home near a stop at Aldi, maybe go over to Walmart west to the north of there before returning home. In other words, I’ll be getting out more, as health and weather permit.

Meantime, remember this January 2018 is a Blue Moon month – two full moons in the same month – the second full moon is the Blue Moon – on January 31st. Because the short month of February follows, there is NO FULL MOON IN FEBRUARY! [And this is NOT a Leap Year giving February 29 days instead of 28.]

The “Blue Moon” will turn red and there will be an eclipse!

~  Reported by Jim Lantern


Norman, Oklahoma 

Monday 22 January 2018

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