FOOD FRAUD WARNING – “505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas” manufactured by “Flagship Food Group” sold at Walmart

Lantern Timeglass Journal

Monday 22 August 2016


“505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas” manufactured by “Flagship Food Group” sold at Walmart

Reported by Jim Lantern, in Norman Oklahoma

Regarding 505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas “Made with grilled white chicken, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese in a Tortilla.” Manufactured by Flagship Food Group, Albuquerque NM 87107.

Purchased at Walmart 333 Interstate Drive, Norman, Oklahoma 73060 on 15 August 2016.

Use by 06/07/2017 P-31924 S2.

Number above bar code 505P11069B.

Bar code 02050 11069.

8 Individually Wrapped Quesadillas.

Net WT 32 oz (2 lbs) (907 g).

Price at Walmart $7.68 (not including tax).

I normally buy and like chicken quesadillas. At age 60 now, I can say without doubt that the 505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas are the worst I’ve ever purchased, worst I’ve ever tasted, absolutely disgusting. I opened up a second one to check it just in case it was only bad luck with the first, but the second is as bad as the first. This is actually the first time I’ve bought chicken quesadillas so bad I could not eat them. I just tried them today noon Monday 22 August 2015 during lunch at home.

The image on the box and the description on the box is false advertising. Blatantly so. There is no white meat at all. It is all dark brown chicken meat gristle that could not even be chewed. What a disgusting gross rip-off!

I’m so sick of products claiming to contain meat and actually contain little or no meat. This has started happening a lot this year. Even major name brand products. Soup with chunks of beef claimed and pictured on the front of the can. “Where’s the beef?” None. Maybe beef flavoring at most. Have to go to the legal fine print as if that gives them permission to rip me off. Chicken Nuggetts, in frozen dinner meals, used to be about 80-90% white meat, and about 10-20% breading. Now this year I’m seeing darker meat and only 10-20% meat – a thin layer – in about 80-90% breading. The biggest rip-off now I’ve discovered are chicken wings. Just bone and breading, no meat at all. I mean store bought, not what restaurants sell. No wonder drunk people buy more chicken wings than anyone else – going through a whole bucket of wings and be so drunk they don’t notice the lack meat on the bones. More like a bad joke than just a rip-off. Anyway, the crap I had for lunch proved to be the so-called “straw that broke the camel’s back” today. I didn’t actually consume any of it – tried to chew it – so grossed out I could not chew it further and of course could not swallow it. I’d probably be a Walking Dead zombie now if I had consumed any of it. Actually, it has been many years since I’ve encountered “food” this disgusting. So bad it would even gross out a Walking Dead zombie!

The cheese, of which there was only one kind instead of the two claimed on the cover of the 501 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas package, amounts to about a square inch, an eighth of an inch thick on each. The “meat” about 3 square inches, about a quarter of an inch thick. But it’s really not meat anyway. Chicken gristle. Skimpy, but what I expected in amount of meat compared to other brands and sources of frozen chicken quesadillas. I usually add more to them – like more cheese bought separately – so that I can have enough in one for a meal instead of a snack. So I’m not really complaining about the amount of food for the money, in this case. That’s really not too bad for frozen chicken quesadillas, and compared to restaurants can be more or less meat and cheese for much higher prices. Taco Bell is a 5-minute walk from my door, but I don’t go there often.

I bought the 505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas because I could not find stocked a package (frozen bag) of Banquet Chicken Quesadillas like what I bought a month ago – surprisingly excellent, and although small were ideal for snacks. I am surprised – shocked – Banquet this year has been improving quality of its products. I do miss the Swanson brand frozen dinners I used to buy at grocery stores – I’ve not seen them stocked here for several years – I used to buy them when I lived in Wichita Kansas. No one at Walmart could answer my question about the previously stocked Banquet product, so I decided to try the 505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas – I’d never seen them before. I recently bought a package of El Monterey Chicken Quesadillas at Homeland grocery store $6.99 for 20 oz box of 5, which are not only excellent flavor and quality but also plenty of meat and cheese on each one – so that’s the brand I’ll buy in the future for meals. The Banquet version are good for a late night snack.

I also bought at Walmart a package of the 505 Southwestern “Mexiwraps” – Beef Cheddar Wraps. The quality and flavor of the meat is good, but it’s only about 5% beef, about 15% pinto beans, and is about 80% wrap. There was no cheese that I could see or taste in it. Four in a box for $4.72 with such little meat and no cheese is a rip-off. However, I’m not making a complaint about the Beef Cheddar Wraps. I simply will never buy any of them again. I’ve been discovering this is true of other similar “wrap” products. All “wrap” and no meat.

Normally, if I buy a food product I don’t like then I simply never buy it again, and it is usually not worth the trouble to make a complaint about or to demand a refund. Loss of me as a customer should be good enough. I can get ripped off once, but never twice by the same scam artist. The 505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas are so bad that it is worth the time to make an official complaint to the State of Oklahoma. Also, I am using my own website to warn consumers about that particular product. I will never buy another 505 Southwestern product of,, and the Contact Us email goes to Likewise I’ll never again buy anything associated with, from or through Flagship Food Group By the way, I noticed the website is “Powered by WordPress.” At first, I wasn’t sure if I should count it in favor of them or against them. However, many good businesses are making use of WordPress for producing excellent websites. For example, local KFOR News and Weather TV station in Oklahoma City also uses WordPress.

My complaint only focuses on the 505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas. For those, I don’t care about the loss of $7.68 paid (not including tax). I’m not seeking a refund. I’m taking my complaint to Walmart via their online reporting form to try to get Walmart to stop selling them. Further, I’m taking my complaint to State of Oklahoma via email contact – probably complete a form later. Also, I emailed my complaint to the Flagship Food Group. I believe the false advertising and content amounts to a consumer fraud crime. I’m not interested in seeking an attorney to sue whoever is legally responsible. The $7.68 in damage (not including tax) – loss – does not justify going that far. I’ll be satisfied with turning this matter over to the state government for investigation and possible prosecution. Also, using this website to warn consumers about this disgusting gross horrible “food” product, which should not be fed to any living creature – human or animal. Even a cat or dog would not eat this crap.

By the way, I am saving the product in my freezer until this matter is resolved, in case proof is required.

This report might be updated if/when I get any replies from the State of Oklahoma, Walmart, and/or the Flagship Food Group.

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10 thoughts on “FOOD FRAUD WARNING – “505 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas” manufactured by “Flagship Food Group” sold at Walmart

  1. shocked customer

    I found the blog because I bought this and was so shocked at the false advertising that I googled it after complaining on their website! Unbelievable, this is basically white SLOP which is NOTHING AT ALL like the picture on the box and it tastes very very bad!!! I have never before been so disappointed at a food product I purchased.


  2. shocked customer

    p.s. I read your blog further and see all their “food” is the same! The one I got was the 505 quesadillas but it was very gross I basically had to force it down my throat, and I feel sick afterward.

    I will throw the remaining ones away, problem is I bought the big box from sam’s club not the $8 you paid (think I paid $15) so I am out a lot more money than you. I was going to keep it but I can’t see forcing another one of these crap down my throat, it is SO DISGUSTING! I regret even trying to eat it again.

    I’m not hungry now but I am eating something else just to get this DISGUSTING taste out of my mouth! I want to vomit it up if it wasn’t so harmful to my body to vomit. Actually, it is debatable which is worse – vomiting it up or allowing this slop to be digested by my body.

    Maybe if I eat some real food it will dilute the harmful effects of eating the slop from 505 quesadillas.

    Did you ever see a movie where someone is in prison or a really bad school and they get served this white goo slop? The movies obviously exaggerate to express that the food is very bad.

    However, this 505 quesadilla looks EXACTLY like that white goo SLOP from movies! It looks like pig slop, and tastes worse. I am REALLY not exaggerating!

    These 500 Chicken Quesadillas should be called “QUEASYdillas”. I am feeling queasy after eating it.

    If someone paid me $100 to eat one of these (now that I have eaten one), I would say NO, I will try my luck elsewhere thank you. I am not that desperate.


  3. shocked customer

    Oh yeah and by the way for the same $15 I could have got a lot more and more tasty food at Taco Bell! 15 $1 burritos from taco bell compared to the 12 nasty slop “quesadillas” from this 505 company.

    I should have just got Taco Bell burritos! It would have been at least DOUBLE the amount of food, and I like Taco Bell burritos! (THAT should tell you how REALLY BAD these “505 quesadillas” are if I say I love Taco Bell burritos and I HATED these 505 quesadillas!)

    I only hope there are no long-term adverse affects from eating this pig slop I mean 505 quesadilla.


  4. shocked customer

    Oh yeah and now that I think about it when I first tried it 3 months ago I threw it away immediately. Then I thought maybe it was just because I cooked it in the microwave and maybe it will be ok if I cook it in the oven instead.

    Well I put it in the oven and cook for double the time even opening them up to try to cook it through.

    Also after eating it a few minutes ago I now have a headache (I never get headaches by the way) and also my head feels warm. I think I’m getting actually sick from these! So gross!

    Why oh why did I shove these down my throat, I guess because I was raised to eat all the food on your plate even if you hate it.

    I will never buy another product from this company again!


  5. Couldn’t agee more, absolute lowest quality


  6. Katie Jones

    I wish I had read this first!!!! I got the shredded beef street tacos. They looked like dog food!! I wish I could post a picture here. I’m taking them back to Wal-Mart tomorrow.


  7. Kenda

    Thank you for your article. I actually purchased the 505 Pulled Pork Street Tacos to find that there were no cooking instructions!!! So upon research I ran across your blog. Very interesting. Now I’m afraid and already disgusted so that perhaps this purchase will not be consumed by me! Who, in this day of age, does not include cooking instructions on their products? Of course I only noticed this after the fact of purchasing them … I rarely buy and now will never buy food products like this, but for “quick and easy” I thought, “Sure I’ll try!” Thanks for the information!


  8. Madashell

    I just brought the 505 SouthWestern Chicken Quesadillia. It is nasty. Waste of Money. Fake Meat.


  9. David Mccorkle

    I. Also bought the505 brand mexiwraps the breakfast wrap with the tomatillo sauce egg sausage ect. The picture on the box looked great but the product looked like green baby food or green baby shit never again and fair warning before you buy it…Don’t do it.
    And shame on Walmart for selling it


  10. Anonymous

    I love these.. I don’t see any of the complaints the others had.. I eat them everyday for lunch.. for less than $1.00 a piece WTH do people expect.. judt don’t purchase them.. leave them for me!!!



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