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My Favorite Melody (incidental music) from Season 7 of The Walking Dead

Music that touched my soul with tears of joy for what it represented. Overcoming hardship and rising up after a disaster. The dramatic music of such survivors.

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead marathon leading up to the 100th episode tonight – first episode of the eighth season, 8:00pm CT, after the special presentation of season seven final with a never before seen scene at 6:30pm CT, and the Talking Dead live special celebration following the 100th episode. The right background music can really add to the atmosphere, drama, mood. This melody was first presented in the mid-season final of season seven. I’ve noticed it has been prevalent throughout the second half of season seven. I finally looked it up and found this following excellent performance video…

From the Episode “Hearts Still Beating”

The music titled “Rise Up”

Original Score by: Bear McCreary

Performed on piano by Chelsea Comeau

…And here’s the scene the music was first used in…

Reported by Jim Lantern, in Norman, Oklahoma


Sunday – 22 October 2017

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