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Reviving Pan American Highway would be huge business opportunity, jobs, infrastructure, plus easier to control flow with Mexico than a wall…

President Trump and others believe building a wall is the solution to problems with Mexico. I believe building a super highway with an overhead high speed monorail train from Alaska to South America, basically reviving the Pan American Highway, is a better solution. It would create businesses and jobs along its route, as well as improving infrastructure. A compromise would be for it to be the one means of two-way flow through a wall between the US and Mexico. It would otherwise help some jobs to remain in Mexico to help prevent workers from seeking jobs in the US. It would have its own law enforcement system spanning the participating countries – not just Mexico and US, to help eliminate illegal traffic.

Here is an earlier editorial article I wrote about it, now being republished here…

Reviving Pan American Highway to Create New Businesses and Jobs


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Norman Oklahoma, 21 August 2013

I’m in favor of reviving the Pan-American Highway from Prudhoe Bay Alaska [where the ice is melting because of global warming and opening its port to other ports of other countries in the arctic circle], down to Ushuaia at the southern tip of South America. Keep in mind, the people of the US are not the only Americans. People in South America are Americans too. This would be an American project, not just a US project, and it would bring our countries closer together.

Read the Wikipedia article about it.

It is not necessary for governments to invest a lot of money in this project, so it should not in turn cost taxpayers a lot of money. A small scale comparison would be the revival of the warehouse district in Wichita Kansas where Old Town was created and overseen by the Old Town Merchants Association. I refer to this as being a “merchant government” on a small scale for what was done in Wichita.

For the Pan-American Highway, it would be an international merchant government consisting of businesses with some involvement of actual governments for land use along its route.

The Farm and Art Market in Wichita was moved to Old Town. Also, many small businesses to sell their unusual products, similar to Pier 1 Imports, as well as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a movie theater complex and a parking garage.

So the goal is to convince private businesses to invest in the revival of the Pan-American Highway, not just governments. It is the many different kinds of private businesses that will most benefit along its route. Car rental businesses, hotels and motels, restaurants and fast food, convenience stores, other retail business stores, travel agencies, etc. The revival process itself will create jobs, and perhaps some new businesses, along its entire route.

This should include a nature path along its route, to include camping, bicycle riding, horse riding, as well as for walking (hiking) long distances.

One of the significant changes I propose is to construct north-bound and south-bound overhead monorails for high speed trains. The highway for cars, and larger vehicles like Greyhound buses, would be under the overhead monorails. We need to reduce use of cars while keeping the highway for buses. The high speed trains are likely to become the primary method for long distance travel along its route, with rental businesses for small cars, or vehicles perhaps similar to electric powered golf carts for local short distance travel at destination locations, or public transportation such as buses and taxicabs. There could also be small airports for smaller jets and planes for air travel along the Pan-American Highway, and for receiving travelers coming from other locations to airports at the Pan-American Highway. It would not be limited to people, but could also be used for moving cargo, products and supplies.

Many people I’ve communicated with have claimed this would aid criminals transporting illegal drugs, guns, and people, into the US from their southern locations. I respectfully disagree. Instead, I believe it would be an aid to law enforcement to help stop those problems. An International Highway Patrol should be established for the Pan-American Highway, with ground vehicles and small aircraft (including drones), to pursue and stop illegal traffic on the highway and within a certain number of miles of the highway, like the railways own the land and right of way along their tracks. It could include an international military force that would be authorized specifically for pursuing, capturing or destroying illegal drug dealers and their cartels, as well as other criminals. There would be an international corridor belonging to the Pan-American Highway, with its own security force.

By creating new businesses and jobs along its entire route, it could help cut down on people coming from Mexico to seek jobs here in the US. It would also create at least a million new jobs from thousands of new businesses along its route in the US. We could even build additional US routes to include other states, such as a gulf states route, an east coast route through eastern states, a northern route along the Canadian border, and maybe a western route near the west coast but away from the earthquake faults.

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Editorial Article by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Early Thursday – 29 June 2017

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