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Another song stuck in my mind – “I Can Dream About You” – plus a Saturday 16 September 2017 Update

Recovery from groin hernia operation Sunday 10 September 2017 continues – at home since late afternoon Wednesday 13 September 2017. Yesterday I felt well enough to get caught up on some needed housekeeping and laundry. While doing so I had on KOMA 92.5 FM, was “Oklahoma’s Classic Rock” now “Oklahoma’s Greatest Hits” but same genres.  Listen to KOMA live online, It can’t be said I slipped into a KOMA and had to return to the hospital. Anyway,one of the songs played got stuck in my mind, haunting me all night long…

Right now as I write this KOMA is playing “Runnin’ Down A Dream” by Tom Petty…

Kinda helps set today’s mood – at present.

I’m having a Red Baron Sausage Scrambles pizza for brunch. Making me feel better after a rough night – kept awake by a migraine headache, and groin swelling with some pain – normal after hernia surgery – could take 3 weeks for full recovery with no more swelling and pain. At least the ulcers bleeding in esophagus and stomach has stopped.

OU Sooner football is here in Norman at 5:00pm CT against Tulane (New Orleans), to be broadcast on PPV.

San Andreas is on TNT tonight…

Beautiful weather outside this morning – cool and breezy – fresh air easy to breathe – I have my doors and windows open. I went ahead and modified the dining room window, which is set low – nearly even with the entry landing at the top of the outside stairs, for the cats to use as a way in and out at will. I modified a box with a cushion inside to have a front entrance and a back exit through the screen of the window, with the window open about 9 inches. A curtain keeps AC/heat from leaking out and flies from getting in. The cats were quick to figure out the partly hidden entrance for them and to start using it. The older male cat is now snoozing on my private balcony beyond the French doors of my living room. Forecasted high is 91F. I’ll close the doors and windows when it gets up to 84F at noon.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA. 


Saturday morning – 16 September 2017

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