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Las Vegas Massacre, the plot thickens – a surprising theory raises good questions…

The Americans is an American period drama television series created by Joe Weisberg for the FX television network. Set in the early 1980s during the Cold War, it is the story of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), two Soviet KGB officers posing as an American married couple living in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., with their children Paige (Holly Taylor) and Henry (Keidrich Sellati). Their neighbor Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) is an FBI agent working in counterintelligence. The series premiered in the United States on January 30, 2013. On May 25, 2016, FX set an end-date for the series by renewing it for a fifth and sixth season. The 10-episode sixth and final season is slated to air in 2018.

Was Stephen Paddock a deep agent, a sleeper agent, for Russia? I’m not claiming he was. I’m simply raising the question. Further, did he receive special training to carry out missions as a saboteur, such as targeting and blowing up infrastructure within the United States?

WHAT IF THE LAS VEGAS MASSACRE – the shooting of so many innocent people, killing 58, wounding or causing injuries to nearly 500 others – WAS INTENDED TO BE A DIVERSION? WHAT IF THE REAL TARGETS INCLUDED AVIATION FUEL TANKS? The attack on so many Americans would be so significant, that a few shots hitting nearby aviation fuel tanks might appear to be accidental stray shots.

It has been determined by investigators that Stephen Paddock intended to hit and run – to shoot and then escape, even though he made no attempt to hide his identity – seen as is on security cameras, registering at the hotel in his true name, as well as buying guns and ammo in his true name. He also carried with him in his car and stored at his homes the means to make bombs similar to the one used in the Oklahoma City bombing. Perhaps on a whim he realized how close he is to the aviation fuel tanks and took the time to see if he could hit them from the hotel and do any damage. Most likely the plan was to hit the music concert so hard that it would get the attention of all available first responders. Then escape from the hotel before police and SWAT could trap him there, to then go hit his primary targets – to blow them up – do as much damage as possible with explosives.

Paddock’s girlfriend, located in Japan and then the Philippians – where Paddock sent her and wired $100,000 to her, has returned to the United States to answer questions. She is reported to have confirmed Paddock began taking at least one prescription drug for a psychological disorder. What if that disorder was caused by him being “awakened” by a Russian supervisor to proceed with targeting infrastructure within the United States? Perhaps, for a time, he forgot a agreed to do a job for Russia for which he was mentally programmed and physically trained. He’d been enjoying the money, the gambling, the cover jobs and professions. Suddenly, finally, the order comes to begin his mission – a mission likely to result in his death – unless he could changed his identity and escape from this country after successfully completing his primary mission.

From Fox News…

Las Vegas gunman targeted aviation fuel tanks during shooting spree, report says

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, citing an unnamed source, reported late Wednesday that two holes were found in one of the two jet fuel tanks near the site of the Route 91 Harvest concert. One of the bullets penetrated a tank, but did not cause an explosion, the report said.

The report said FBI agents inspected the tanks and considered the bullet’s trajectory from where Paddock opened fire on 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said it’s difficult to believe Paddock acted alone in the attack on the audience of an outdoor concert.

Lombardo said that items confiscated from Paddock included 1,600 rounds of ammunition and several containers of an explosive commonly used in target shooting that totaled 50 pounds. But it wasn’t clear what, if anything, Paddock planned to do with the explosives, the sheriff said.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Centrist Independent Voter in Norman, Oklahoma


6:00pm CT Thursday – 5 October 2017

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