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Doctor And The Medics – Spirit In The Sky

My doctors never looked this good, not even the nurses…

I usually end up being treated by Doctor Frank N. Stein, rotating the old electro-bolts on my neck. Here’s the real

Doctor And The Medics – Spirit In The Sky

looking more like my past doctors…

When I went via ambulance to the ER of the hospital Saturday afternoon September 9th, my hemoglobin count was only 4.8, and I ended up being given an emergency blood transfusion of 4 pints. I’ve never had 4. Most I’ve had has been 3. Usually 2. My history of bleeding stomach ulcers. Had I not called 911 when I did, then by Sunday I might have been on my way to the Spirit in the Sky. While there Sunday September 10th, I had an emergency operation to fix a hernia in my groin, which had become life threatening due to blockage of the small intestine. I departed the hospital Wednesday September 13th to complete my recovery at home.

More fitting of my soul is the following space shuttle video with Norman Greenbaum singing Spirit in the Sky. Die? I’ll probably end up landing back on Earth…

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA. 


Thursday – 14 September 2017

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