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Americans attacked when they are most human – Congressional Baseball

From The Hill evening of 14 June 2017…

  • The managers of the Republican and Democratic congressional baseball teams appeared together on Wednesday afternoon to call on lawmakers to ease tensions between the two parties after a shooter opened fire at a baseball practice for the GOP’s team.
  • Reps. Joe Barton (R-Texas) and Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), who manage their caucuses’ respective baseball teams, told reporters on Capitol Hill that Congress’s annual charity baseball game would continue as scheduled Thursday night, despite the shooting that injured five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.).
  • “Joe and I talked and we decided that we’re not going to let incidents like this change our way of life or daily routines,” Doyle said at the news conference.
  • “It will be play ball tomorrow night at 7:05,” Barton told reporters.
  • Both Barton and Doyle said the attack appeared to be politically motivated and urged lawmakers to begin de-escalating partisan tensions within their own ranks.
  • “We’re united, not as Republicans and Democrats but as United States representatives,” Barton said.
  • “It shouldn’t take an incident like this to bring us together,” Doyle said. “When the leadership of this country is civil toward one another, maybe the public will start being civil toward one another too, and the news media will be civil towards members of Congress and the public and we can change the mood in this country so that people don’t get filled up with this kind of hatred.”
  • The news conference at times became emotional, with Doyle and Barton describing what they see as an eroding camaraderie among lawmakers, as well as an onslaught of increasingly personal criticisms from the public.

Meantime, the mainstream news media fans the flames by helping those playing the blame game for the shootings and related hatred. The far left want to blame the far right. The far right want to blame the far left. Both are equally guilty.

I believe in “each to their own way of life” as long as it does no harm to others or prevents others from living their way of life. As an Independent voter averaging out to be Centrist and similar to Libertarians but not as extreme, I have equal concerns about the far left and the far right.

“The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed.” – Robert A. Heinlein, the novel “Revolt in 2100” (1953), in a postscript to readers, regarding an American theocracy dictatorship and how it could happen after election 2016, in the story “If This Goes On—”.

Today it isn’t the Christians threatening to establish a theocracy. It’s an old enemy Christians have had to defend themselves against about 500 years ago – an earlier version of ISIS. Makes no difference to them – Agnostics, Atheists, Christians, Jews – even the Shia Muslims the far right Sunni Muslims hate – all are infidels due for a haircut – just take a little off of the top.

We must stand together against the real enemy. Divided, a real enemy can conquer us or cause us to destroy each other while the true enemy watches.

Playing the blame game only fans the flames of division. Easy enough to do. Did Megyn Kelly cause Trump to go defensive and then offensive by engaging in a personal attack on him at the start of the first presidential debate? Truth is, in Election 2016 no one on either side is innocent. Including division within the Republican Party that nearly destroyed it.

In the news story of the attack on Republican players of the Congressional Baseball game, something has been missed, I noticed…

Of all the faces a member of Congress has during the course of the job, the face shown while participating in one of the most American activities there is – a baseball game, is the most human face of all. The faces of real people – some of whom have families and children. Taking a break from the American nightmare to live the American dream. Their true souls exposed. There be friends, not monsters. That’s what the gunman happened to attack, regarding when and where, whether planned or coincidence of opportunity chance when targeted victims were most vulnerable and most human. He failed. This time two of the best acted above and beyond the call of duty, even after being wounded, for the good guys to win the day, defeating such evil. Can they go back to business as usual after that? No. They have before after past attacks, but this time they shouldn’t.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


5:00pm CT Thursday – 15 June 2017

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