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If the Twilight Zone were real…

I died, the end of my physical body in the physical universe.

I awakened in my spiritual body in the spiritual universe.

I was taken into a massive coliseum. Hundreds of thousands of souls sitting in the audience. A round center stage, the center of which is raised up, on which sit a panel of judges. At the outer edge, I stood on a raised platform with my legal representative, who would speak for me – my mouth having been sealed.

The judges watch a recording of key events during my physical life, used to judge me. I’m not allowed to speak in my defense. My legal representative can’t challenge the recorded evidence.

I’m sentenced to hell. Not permanently. Just 60 years, if I heard correctly.

Immediately, I’m taken to a doorway, through which I’m to enter hell.

I stepped through.

Then I was born . . . on Earth.

Notes from another Twilight Zone by Jim Lantern
Friday night, 23 December 2016

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