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Which Presidential (or Vice Presidential) Candidate be First to Comment on Hurricane Matthew?

Perhaps the candidates and certainly the mainstream news media are so over-focused on the 2016 election campaign with nonstop coverage, that they’ve barely noticed the massive hurricane about to wipe them off of the face of the earth.

Which presidential or vice-presidential candidate will be the first to comment on Hurricane Matthew?

The only Vice Presidential Debate is on TV tonight. Will the threat of Hurricane Matthew (and related issues) be brought up during the debate? The second Presidential Debate on TV will be night of Sunday October 9, by which time they will not be able to ignore it.

Will this hurricane have any impact on their campaign locations and schedules?

Will recovery from this hurricane have any impact on Election 2016 and Tuesday 8 November 2016 Election Day itself?

Read my primary article (from September 30), daily updates, and check out the live east coast beach cams at: Will Matthew become first Cat 6 Hurricane and impact U.S. Election 2016?

Special Posting by Jim Lantern – 8:00pm Central Time US, Norman Oklahoma, Tuesday 4 October 2016


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