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POLL + 2016 Presidential Candidates – Read the Positions on Issues of the Donkeys and Elephants

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Posted by Jim Lantern

11:20 a.m. Pacific Time, Monday 10 August 2015 – Updated 12:20 p.m. PT Wednesday 26 August 2015

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POLL: Are you finding out what you need to know – from debates, forums, and mainstream news media – to make an informed decision in the November 2016 Election to Vote for President?

2016 Presidential Candidates


on the issues

by the Donkeys


and the Elephants


With other creatures and wild animals roaming to and fro within the dark jungle of politics.


Get past the usual smoke and mirrors of the master illusionists in the worlds of government (and business).


Everything you need to know is at the following website…


And at Twitter…


…”Provides non-partisan coverage of all federal politicians’ stances on the issues.”

When the debates, forums, and mainstream news media fail to focus on the issues, and all you get is bull from candidates and moderators, then that is a good website to read about the known positions of candidates on all or most major issues.

Meantime, reminisce this Music Monday 10 August 2015 about the good old days of previous elections with the help of JibJab…



And, near the end of this alternate history video, Nixon gets elected to a third term!

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