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Christian religion can be fun – it’s not all hellfire and damnation preaching!

One of the reasons why I never really became a regular churchgoer – too much negative preaching about punishment and not enough positive preaching about the ultimate reward.

Who would you rather follow? The competition offering free haircuts from the neck up? You infidels! Or perhaps you’d rather follow Jesus. Christian care sayeth, if you like your head you can keep your head. Further, while keeping your head, have fun with the faith, kinda like this…

…Yes, I posted that music video not too long ago. It’s become such a favorite I had to post it again. A serious song has been turned into an event of great fun. A reminder. While so many people in government are losing their heads, We The People need to keep our heads – and to do that we need Jesus now more than ever. We need God’s mercy.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

Earlier this year of 2017, the physical pain became so bad I wanted to die. A merciless health care system leaving millions of Americans without care – access to needed and justified means of pain relief becoming illegal. What kind of willful evil is it that causes such suffering? I expected to die sooner than later. Then I got better for a while with old home remedies. Finally, the pain returned in new ways and worse than before. I did not know it possible for a person to feel that level of pain and to survive it. I didn’t. I died. Not a physical death. Something else. After the pain finally subsided, having returned to consciousness, got up off of the floor, like a Phoenix rising up out of a fire, a kind of born again experience…

…Why I’ve not been doing the usual amount and kind of writing here recently. Fluctuating, still recovering. When well enough to get things done I’ve had other priorities. A person can’t experience such a high level of pain and not be changed in some way – physically or mentally or emotionally or spiritually. The most significant change for me: Now I want to live. I’ll try to focus more on the positive from now on since I prefer to not be preached the negative from any church – or mainstream news media. Negative in equals negative out. Positive in equals positive out.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Saturday 12:01am CT – 19 August 2017

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