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My Political Burn-Out, I wonder if Clinton and Trump will campaign in HELL


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Thursday morning 29 September 2016


My Political Burn-Out, I wonder if Clinton and Trump will campaign in HELL


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will very likely end up there eventually anyway, so they might as well do some campaigning in Hell. No doubt, Gary Johnson will be smoking in Hell, marijuana I mean, not helping to improve his memory and other brain functions.

Donald Trump has said far worse things than Gary Johnson, and as result not only survived but gained approval in the polls – I guess they are mainly polling Internet trolls. Even so, while Trump is expressing absurd opinions, Johnson is expressing major mental failures – reminding me of the bad performance of former Texas governor Rick Perry who had a similar problem while a presidential candidate in the past.

As result of Johnson’s most recent breakdown, I can no longer support him – the Lantern Timeglass Journal un-endorses Johnson-Weld. I will not vote to put someone in the White House whose brain is impaired by past excessive use of marijuana. Clearly, William Weld is the better candidate of the two, and he should be the Libertarian presidential candidate, not Gary Johnson. Maybe I could tolerate Johnson as VP. As is, Weld is Johnson’s VP running mate. Both are former Republican governors twice elected in blue Democrat states, which is a good thing. I believe current or former governors of states make the best presidents.

I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her past bad performance as a Senator and as Secretary of State.

I will not vote for Trump because I believe he will federalize and militarize police, declare martial law, and become a totalitarian dictator, in order to achieve all he has promised to accomplish with the issues of crime, immigration, and terrorism. It could be that he would be impeached and removed before he could do any unrepairable damage, but I think it more likely he will get our country into a nuclear war before he can be stopped. He is dictator in his business world – the only means of management he knows, and he knows nothing of the U.S. constitution and democracy.

I will go to vote on Tuesday 8 November 2016, but I will not cast a vote for any of the presidential candidates. I will vote for qualified candidates at other levels, and for any issues/questions on the ballot.

The mainstream news media coverage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, yesterday and since the first debate Monday September 26, became so absurd that I could no longer tolerate monitoring it – especially the nonstop coverage on TV by CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, which I became so disgusted with I had to turn them off. Other news sources online were reporting major breaking news events being totally ignored by CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, which if not for the ongoing bizarre Clinton vs. Trump conflict would have dominated their live coverage on TV. They are causing me to despise all of the candidates (including Gary Johnson now), to become totally burned out on politics and Election 2016. The mainstream news media has too much control and impact on our election process in ways that are extremely harmful to our country. It has finally taken a major train crash this Thursday morning 29 September 2016 in Hoboken New Jersey to derail the Election 2016 coverage by CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.

I am burned out on Election 2016 because of SNAFU candidates and FUBAR news coverage. I will still write editorial articles about some political issues. However, as far as presidential candidates are concerned, I’m done with Election 2016. It is hopeless. Nothing good can come from it now. It is a dead end. Election 2016 has gone to hell.

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