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The Transition, Why Clinton should be Pardoned, and Massive Protests against Trump in cities across U.S.

I monitored CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News most of yesterday [Wednesday 9 November 2016], while resting and recovering from three different near-fatal health problems at the same time. Late afternoon I drifted off to sleep, a brief merciful escape from the ongoing pain and discomfort. I awakened on the couch to see a nightmare unfolding live on CNN on TV about 7:00pm CT – the massive protests at first in New York City and Chicago, then spreading to other major cities. The protest crowds looked to be greater in numbers than during New Year’s Eve at Times Square! Shutting down traffic on major streets. Protests included a massive crowd in front of Trump Tower. I’m finally well enough briefly to write about it and related subjects in this new editorial article.

I did not vote for Clinton or Trump for different reasons, although there were times when some of the content of Clinton’s campaign speeches nearly won me over, as well as the same for Trump nearly winning me over. As an Independent Voter (unaffiliated with any political party) and averaging out to be Centrist – similar to Libertarians, I favored Johnson. Although I no longer believed he would be a good President, I voted for him anyway, as the least of three evils, instead of the usual choice for the lesser of two evils. Also, I voted down-ballot for a local Libertarian candidate – Robert Murphy for U.S. Senate, who was a neighbor at the apartments complex where I previously lived here in Norman Oklahoma 3 May 2008 to 2 May 2015. Incumbent Republican James Lankford won that election, and I believe he will continue to do a good job.

I was shocked, at first, about the massive protests. I had expected such protests by Trump supporters if he had lost the election; not by Clinton supporters – although maybe some upset from first losing Sanders and then Clinton. I didn’t expect anything like what happened that night – and likely to happen again tonight in major cities across the United States. Some protesters interviewed live on CNN, gave their reasons for the protests – mainly against Donald Trump for what he has said and threatened to do starting 20 January 2017. Various minorities targeted by Trump are most upset.

Also, I saw a playback recording of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest expressing sour grapes for the Trump victory. What I didn’t know until then when he mentioned it, is Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote – “as of Wednesday evening, hours after Clinton called Trump to concede, the former secretary of state clung to a narrow lead in the popular vote, 47.7%-47.5%. She had 59,755,284 votes, according to CNN’s tally, with 92% of the expected vote counted. Trump had 59,535,522. That difference of 219,762 is razor-thin considering the nearly 120 million votes counted so far. The totals will continue to change as absentee votes trickle in. If Clinton hangs on, she would become the first presidential candidate since Al Gore in 2000 to win the popular vote but lose the election. Trump, who clinched the nomination by securing 270 Electoral College votes, currently leads Clinton 290-228, though Michigan and New Hampshire have yet to be called.” – CNN, 2:45pm ET Thursday 10 November 2016. For the reason of the Popular Vote results, I can understand Clinton voters getting justifiably upset.

Even so, there have been ongoing developments since Trump won the Electoral Votes, and especially throughout today, which if the protesters were to pay attention to and consider might result in some of them not being as angry as they are. How Trump accepted victory should count in his favor. How Clinton accepted defeat should count in her favor. There is talk of President-Elect Trump being a different person compared to Candidate Trump. Fact is, so far, Trump as President-Elect is acting much more reasonable. He spent 90 minutes of quality time with President Obama today instead of the planned 10-15 minutes meeting. According to both it went very well as the first step toward the transition between now and 20 January 2017. Trump is also getting along much better with all or most of the top Republicans – including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Republicans keep control of Congress – House of Representatives and Senate, as well as taking back the White House after 8 years of Obama. We will have a Republican government. Rare for one party to control Congress and the White House. I’ve read that some of the founders of our country preferred one party NOT control all of it. They never imagined the kind of deadlock and lack of progress our country has experienced during most of the past 8 years. History shows the political party pendulum swings left for 4 to 8 years and then swings right for 4 to 8 years. Rare for either major party to maintain control for more than 8 years. The Democrats held the White House for the past 8 years, and so per history odds it was due to be returned to the Republicans. The Libertarians had a good shot at it this time, but less than 10% chance for victory. If Clinton had won, then the next 4 years would have been more deadlock and lack of progress – without also capturing House and Senate.

To help end or reduce the protests, heal and bring together the country, I believe President Obama and President-Elect Trump should stand together to pardon or otherwise forgive Hillary Clinton – to end any further investigations, and to block possible prosecution. “White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest fielded questions on Wednesday regarding the aftermath of Tuesday’s Presidential election. One question addressed President-Elect Donald Trump‘s vow to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her private email server that she used while she was Secretary of State, and whether President Barack Obama will issue a pardon to Clinton while he is still in office. Earnest’s response was a little odd, as he appeared to be choosing his words very carefully, and began by talking about how President Obama has given clemency to a number of federal criminals during his administration. However, Earnest quickly explained that the President did not discuss those plans with Earnest beforehand, and so too, Earnest does not know what Obama’s plans are regarding Clinton. Addressing Trump’s threats regarding Clinton, Earnest expressed hope that once he takes office, the new President will move forward and not use his power to exact revenge on his former political opponent. Earnest said that the country’s leadership has a history of not doing this sort of thing and said that Trump’s words after the election gave hope that he will continue this tradition.”

Trump received a full National Security Briefing as President-Elect, instead of the limited version given to candidates. People who are better informed are able to make better decisions – making informed decisions. Such information can cause a person to change position on some issues. upon knowing the whole truth. No doubt, it was an eye-opening and humbling experience for him. He now knows or will soon know all of the dark secrets known by U.S. Presidents, which obviously weigh heavily upon them. No one survives the stress of being President without looking much older when leaving office – such as perhaps looking ten years older for four years in office.

I did not expect Hillary Clinton to run for President because of health issues since being Secretary of State, which appeared to age her by 10 years instead of four. If she had been elected, then my prediction would be that she would be forced to leave office before the end of her first year for health reasons.

For a different reason, I’m predicting Trump will not survive his first year in office. I’m predicting a major hurricane – next hurricane season – more powerful than anything ever before experienced, will obliterate the United States southeast of a line from Corpus Christi to New York City. Trump will be severely injured during the disaster – will not be able to remain in office. Vice President Mike Pense will become President. Because of his experience with Hurricane Sandy as Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie will be put in charge of the national relief and recovery process expected to take several years.

As for me and my recent abrupt decline in health, most healing, from the three health disorders I have, has been taking place during sleep, however brief. The best sleep has been from about 2:00am to about 6:00am since Daylight Savings Time ended, but is not associated with what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder [recently mentioned in a news story].

The time change – falling back an hour in the Fall, 2:00am CT Sunday 6 November 2016, actually made it easier for me to get over to the place I go top vote – a nearby church, 15 minutes before the doors opened at 7:00am. About 30 people got there before I did. I was done and on my way by 7:30am, over to Homeland grocery store before returning home. I was too weak to ride my bicycle – used it to hole me up walking next to it – and using it and its baskets as a cart to get groceries home.

Weather was comfortable Election Day morning, finally cool enough for a jacket, no wind, getting it all done between rain storms. Raining on Election Day reminded me of funerals and Memorial Day when it usually rains. November starting out much warmer than usual was more likely caused by the hot air coming out of Election 2016 than from global warming. Today, my next trip over to Homeland, first morning I had to wear my winter coat, night’s low down to 40F. With hell on its way to freezing over, considering all those things people have said they would do when hell freezes over, I had to also blame (with some humor) Election 2016 for the arrival of the first real cold front here.

Anyway, presently I’m not able to eat most solid food because taste and texture of it feels wrong during chewing – especially all meats. Not so for protein in liquid form, which I’m getting from gallons of milk, Carnation Instant Breakfast, and Boost Complete Nutritional Drink. I’m getting my vegetables in liquid form too – mainly V8 Vegetable Juice (I slowly savoir with crushed ice in a glass). Oddly, my sense of taste and texture of fruits and sweets has not been affected. So I’m eating more apples, and watermelon (sold in bite-size chunks). I’m snacking on Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch cereal out of the box or in a bowl with milk. Also taking B-Complex and Iron daily vitamin tablets to help restore my health. I’m slowing improving. I feel like one life has been ripped away, and now a new one is about to begin. I’m reminded of a favorite…

By the way, we’ll soon see how well Trump does with Putin and Russia…

And will find out if President and businessman Trump is anything like Goldfinger…

Editorial Article written by Jim Lantern
3:00pm CT Thursday 10 November 2016

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