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Trump continues to break some campaign promises, betraying his voters – including Medicare and Social Security

Trump promised during his campaign to not cut or touch Medicare and Social Security.

Candidate Trump explained that increased tax revenue from bringing jobs back to the US from overseas and creating new jobs here in the United States will help fix Medicare and Social Security – at least to save them from budget cuts.

Now President Trump’s submitted budget threatens major cuts to Medicare and Social Security, as well as to SNAP (food stamps) and other welfare programs.

Trump and his creative accounting political spin specialists claim he is not breaking his campaign promise to not cut or touch Social Security. They are redefining Social Security to be for retirement only, which will not be cut. They are engaging in history revision to not include disability as being part of Social Social Security, to separate it from Social Security in order to cut it. Further, with absurd lack of compassion and understanding, they will demand people on disability return to work, comparable to demanding people receiving SNAP (food stamps) do some work. It’s the old school position of “If you don’t work then you don’t eat – no exceptions.” People are on disability because they are no longer able to work. Most people are receiving SNAP (food stamps) because of lack of jobs that pay enough to be able to support themselves and those with families – children. Like a typical upper class blue book social snob out of touch with reality, Trump is wrongfully targeting low income and no income people, as well as the most vulnerable people barely surviving on disability benefits.

Social Security was designed to stand on its own to be self sustaining. It was never part of the national debt. It worked well until the government broke its own rules by taking money from Social Security to bail out the banks and deal with the housing crisis.

For better understanding, Social Security should have been named “Disability and Retirement Insurance” provided by the government. The money I paid into Social Security from 30 years of employment for retirement is now received sooner for disability (now at age 61). It’s my money. It’s comparable to insurance and comparable to putting money into a personal savings account. Only when that money I paid in is used up does it switch over to being covered by other taxpayers. Some people on disability never worked – disabled from birth or from a young age, and so the disability benefits they received is covered by other taxpayers.

After 25 years of full time employment, my health abruptly declined. Although I had coverage, I could not get effective health care – doctors refusing to do needed tests and treatment. Therefore my health continued to decline until I could no longer work, lost everything, and was briefly out-on-the-street homeless. Then I began to qualify for other kinds of coverage and help to get housing, health care, food, and other basic needs. A city-county nurse and city-county social worker helped me to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. I was quickly approved, and the Social Security doctors who reviewed my case and examined me blamed my former doctors for causing my disability by not doing their jobs correctly when I could have been saved. I also qualified for Medicare, and Medicaid provided by the state, but that kind of coverage has proved to be no better than what I had when I was working. Coverage is not care. Only doctors can provide care. The government provides coverage, but it has no value if doctors refuse to accept it. Most doctors are now rejecting Medicaid because it does not pay as agreed, and Medicare is now only paying about 30 cents on the dollar. Without effective health care, I have no choice and must remain dependent on Social Security Disability benefits. If Trump cuts those, then I’ll lose everything and become homeless again. I’ve already briefly been homeless again as result of the loss of affordable housing – an apartment I could pay all rent for out of my disability benefits. Now I can only afford an apartment as result of the local Housing Authority paying part of my rent.

I give President Trump the grade of A for his overseas trip so far – what he did and said in Saudi Arabia and Israel, and then when meeting with the Pope. Even so, he did back off slightly on his position regarding radical Islam and related terrorists in order to attempt to unite Muslims to get them to participate in stopping the worldwide threat. He’s doing a better job of president and diplomat overseas compared to how he behaves at home here in the United States.

While Trump has broken several campaign promises, he has kept a few, and has accomplished a few good things – such as restoring freedom of speech to churches so that they can support a political candidate without loss of tax exempt status.

The Trump we’ve seen on TV overseas is the kind of businessman – the deal maker, rather than politician, I hoped would become president. Not the kind using Twitter to daily tweet childish temper tantrums, and worse – to betray his voters by breaking campaign promises, as well as the ongoing bizarre Russian conspiracy for which he could eventually be impeached. I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Clinton. I voted for the least of three evils on the ballot. As an Independent unaffiliated voter, I average out to be Centrist.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Wednesday morning – 24 May 2017

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