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Grading Trump’s Major Economic Policy Speech – Monday 8 August 2016

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Monday 8 August 2016

Grading Trump’s Major Economic Policy Speech

It’s Money Monday. Finally, something worth writing about today. Money. Finally, Trump talking about a subject he knows something about based on real experience. Money. It’s a hit.

IF I were to grade Donald Trump as a presidential candidate on this one speech alone, then he would get an “A” and win back my vote.

This speech was interrupted more times by protesters than any speech I’ve ever seen live on TV. Security removed an average of one protester every 1 to 3 minutes, a few every 30 seconds. A well-planned attack. About 13 women and 1 man, jumping up out of auditorium seats to start shouting, and then being taken out.

Trump managed to stay on topic for most of the speech – at least 95% of it I’d guess. Also, he spent more time on the related issues – what he would do to fix them, rather then just attacking Hillary Clinton. This time he got specific and provided some details, all of which I agreed with.

I average out to be Centrist by agreeing with Liberal Democrats on some issues – mostly personal and social, while agreeing with Conservative Republicans on some issues – mostly economic and government. Similar to Libertarians. I’m presently planning to vote for the Libertarian candidates, Gary Johnson for President and William Weld for Vice President. Both were Republican governors twice elected in blue Democrat states. I’ve always believed governors make the best presidents. In this new Trump speech, I sense some influence by Mike Spence – a former governor, who is Trump’s VP running mate.

It is not enough just to agree with and like what Trump says. Anyone can say anything. Politicians are good at that. Even so, this raises two questions: CAN he do what he says he will do? WILL he do what he says he will do? The first is a legal issue. The second is about honesty and trust. I have concerns about both. Might be he is just saying what he knows some people want to hear. Even if he does win, what then will be the condition of the House and Senate for cooperation with him? It’s not just Democrats vs. Republicans, but also new conservative Republicans vs. the old traditional Republicans. More from internal division than from Democrats not cooperating, the Republicans failed to accomplish their own goals after taking back control of Congress. If the Revolt continues, then in the meantime it will assure a Hillary Clinton victory and Democrats regaining control of Congress.

From Reuters…

Trump targets taxes, regulations in economic speech in Detroit

DETROIT/WASHINGTON Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday sought to regain momentum with an economic speech in which he floated new tax breaks and cuts to regulation, as protesters repeatedly interrupted him.
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