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Trump: “When you are a star, they [women] let you do it – you can do anything [to women].”

Trump thinks of himself as a star. Tonight he’s one of the stars in the Second Presidential Debate, 8:00pm CT on ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN, while some viewers will watch football on NBC TV not showing the debate.

The other star is a woman, Hillary Clinton. It’s been reported she will address this issue during this Town Hall Meeting kind of debate at Washington University in St. Louis, where half of the questions will be posed by citizen participants. Also, Hillary is a married woman. Trump has targeted married women. Trump is in no position to use Bill Clinton’s similar behavior as a defense – but no doubt he will try to do so since he has already used that as a comparison defense.

Trump’s remarks about women, recorded back in 2005, have caused defections – some switching support to Clinton, few to Johnson or Stein, most to “down ballot voting” – not voting for any of the presidential candidates on the ballot but all others on the ballot and special questions to be voted on.

The issue is abuse of women via abuse of power.

This is nothing new.

It regularly happens in the business world, as well as in government and politics. It also happens in the world of entertainment. I’ve seen it happen most with members of bands [music] taking advantage of female fans – but in that scenario most of the female fans are seeking the encounters. Trump probably thinks of himself as being similar to that kind of star, more so than such abuse within his business empire.

It’s amazing how many people – some women as well as men – are partly defending Trump. Some have condemned his remarks but will still support him – still vote for him, because they believe Clinton is worse. Meantime, more leaks from WikiLeaks about Clinton’s past misdeeds might cause some Clinton supporters to switch to Trump or Johnson.

Trump’s claim, in his apology, that he is not the same now as he was in 2005 is a lie or self-deception. Evidence indicates he is as bad now as he was then. There’s no evidence he has improved. This kind of abuse of power  is likely to continue and likely get worse if he is elected President. Even so, Clinton is likely to engage in a different kind of abuse of power.

The bottom line is no matter who wins the debate tonight all voters will lose on election day for lack of a reasonable presidential candidate to vote for.

Reported by Jim Lantern

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