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Election 2016 – Not what I expected it to be!


Jim Lantern – Centrist Independent (unaffiliated) Voter

Editorial Article

Election 2016 – Not what I expected it to be!

Before the 6 August 2015 Republican presidential candidates debate, the Clinton and Trump ongoing revelations, I had completely different expectations for Election 2016. I believed New Jersey Governor Chris Christi would overcome his own “bridge” controversy, recover in polls, and become the GOP nominee. I didn’t believe Hillary Clinton would be well enough to get into the race, considering her bad health at the end of her run as Secretary of State, as well as the Benghazi and emails controversy. I didn’t yet know anything about Bernie Sanders. I was disappointed when Jim Webb left the Democratic presidential candidates race. I didn’t expect the Libertarians to make a comeback for this election with a candidate who could get on the ballots of all states. I didn’t expect the mainstream news media to make such a mess of it all – especially FNC (Fox News) and CNN, as well as surprised MSNBC has been the most reasonable with coverage. I expected the candidates and news media to focus on major issues instead of engaging in childish personal insults. I expected the debates to force the real issues instead of deliberately fanning the flames of personal insults. I can only hope that the 26 September 2016 presidential debate between Clinton and Trump – if Trump shows up, and maybe with Johnson if allowed to participate, will be professional – focusing on major issues, instead of like the past unprofessional badly moderated debates. That debate could be the key turning point if properly moderated and if the candidates stick to the major issues instead of engaging in more personal insults of each other. However, the political debate forecast is more likely to be for 50 feet of rain and biblical basketball size hail.

Election 2016 became cartoonish, and so the following theme music is appropriate for it all so far…

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