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Final FULL MOON Farewell Posting from Home – 4 December 2017

All good things must come to an end? “There is an end to everything, to good things as well.” The proverb dates back to about 1374 (Chaucer). First attested in the United States around 1680. The word “good” was added much later. “Everything has an end” and “Everything comes to an end” are variants of the proverb. Must it be so? The ending of one may be the beginning of another. After good things, better things may come. Caterpillar into a butterfly. Of course, we pray the bad things end sooner than later, and that the good things outlast the bad things.

This is my final posting from my home using my notebook with Cox Wi-Fi. I’m terminating Cox for Internet, TV, and phone, [the “bundle” deal], to be disconnected tomorrow. I have to return some equipment to the nearby Cox store after that. I needed to reduce the service by $35 by reducing the TV deal or removing one of the three services. Cox would not work with me on that. Therefore, I’m forced to terminate all three. The reason is rising cost of health care including special diets resulting in my food budget being increased.

This is certainly a “Manic Monday” being the final full day of Internet access, use of Contour TV, and the home phone landline via Cox. Much to get done – not just use of the service.

No current plan to replace Cox at home for TV, Internet, and phone. I don’t need another phone service – my cell phone is good enough. I’ll miss Contour TV. For a while I’ll go back to using my TV and a DVD player for buying or renting movies and other entertainment on DVDs. I’ll access the Internet with my notebook from free Wi-Fi locations, and I’ll make use of the free computer terminals at the nearby west branch of the Norman Public Library – going there at least twice per month to also check out books – probably on the 3rd and 23rd of every month. Future editorial articles will be written at home on my notebook, and then to be copied and pasted to WordPress when I visit the library or have free Wi-Fi access elsewhere.

The present Full Moon crested during the evening of Sunday 3 December 2017, and reaches “perigee“—the point in its orbit at which it is closest to Earth—early morning of Monday 4 December 2017. When a Full Moon rises at perigee, the Moon appears bigger and brighter. This Sunday’s full Moon is expected to appear 8% wider and 16% brighter than average. This December brings what’s popularly called a “Supermoon” or what astronomers call a “perigee full Moon.” While December’s Supermoon is the only one in 2017, it’s the first of three Supermoons in succession. The next two are in January (2018)—which brings two full Moons! Yes, that second Moon in a single month is considered a “Blue Moon.”

In Native American cultures which tracked the calendar by the Moons, December’s Full Moon was known as the Full Cold Moon. It is fittingly associated with the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark. This Full Moon is also called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes because it occurs near the winter solstice—the day with the least amount of daylight.

Just in case this is my final posting not only at home but for 2017, I’ll go ahead and wish all readers MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Special Final Posting from Home by Jim Lantern, in Norman, Oklahoma


Monday 4 December 2017

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