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Another Trump DIVERSION – “Shithole Countries”

There is a pattern to the behavior of President Trump, comparable to a master illusionist like David Copperfield – getting mainstream news media and viewers to look elsewhere so none are looking at what he does not want you to focus on.

What does Trump not want anyone to focus on? The Russian connection. That’s the real threat to him, not any immigrants – many of who are in fact employed by his business empire. Hypocrite.

What is the newest distraction? Immigrants from “shithole countries” he wants to block and send back. With there a;ready being great interest in the issue of immigration, it is easy for Trump to say something absurd and offensive to shift the focus away from Russia. Even so, sooner than later the Russia issue will overtake him to such extent I predict swift impeachment.

Of course Goldfinger is a better fit for Trump…

Trump’s “shithole” defense? He “was talking about the countries, not the people.” That too is another typical Trump misdirection. Whether true or not that Haiti, Africa (mainly Nigeria), and others referred to are “shithole” countries, it is the people who are immigrants, not their countries.

Trump said he prefers immigrants from Norway. I say, be careful what you wish for – you might get it…

Trump and his ilk are upper class blue book social snobs from their own alien world. The Invaders…

…No wonder they are interested in real estate on Earth.

Maybe Trump should be sent by wormhole back to his shithole planet.

Will Trump be President long enough to deal with real aliens from shithole planets?

…District 9 is overdue for a sequel. How fitting the original is to today’s problems. We need not travel to distant planets to experience alien concepts, or have aliens visit Earth, with so many different concepts on Earth alone. We have found the aliens, and some of them are us. Some humans are so different that it is as if they are aliens. Ironically, once upon a time in South Africa…

Perhaps, someday…

~ Editorial Article by Jim Lantern


Norman, Oklahoma 

Thursday night 11 January 2018

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