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Special Announcement

Beginning Friday 6 November 2015

Motto: “Auxilium Via Lumine” – To Help Light The Way

With new focus on Homeless and Housing Issues.
Loss of affordable housing is now the Number 1 cause of homelessness here in the United States, accounting for 51% of homeless people – including families with children,
married couples, singles, seniors only getting Social Security Retirement benefits,
and others like me on Social Security Disability benefits,
as well as some part time workers and low wage full time workers.
Donations, for the new Lantern project now being developed – regarding homeless and housing issues, via my legal name James Harwood instead of my “pen name” Jim Lantern

The above image now named “Jim Lantern” was formerly “Joe Lantern” used by a church youth group, which no longer exist, and I now own all rights to the image and its new purpose – to be used for The Lantern Project. Religion will play a role in this project, such as like churches acting as charities. The header/background image (from free wallpaper), showing a man with a backpack walking on a path, now also ties in with this new project.

Details and more information about The Lantern Project will be posted in the near future after I’ve moved into my new apartment here in Norman Oklahoma – I will include a street address for U.S. Mail – and a special phone number exclusively for sending text messages to me (no calls and no voice mail please). This posting might be added to, edited, and updated.

After my homelessness ends – Monday November 9th soonest to Wednesday November 11th latest, I will not turn my back on those who are still suffering – not just local but also nationwide. I will be developing new ways to help them upon being in a more effective position to do so. Donations will help to make that possible, such as for:

  • Obtaining Internet service at my new street address.
  • Purchase of a new computer (or Chromebook or other kind of laptop or notebook).

My budget will be less and tighter now because I’ll be paying more rent now (and paying electric and gas at my new address) out of my monthly disability benefits, compared to when I was living at my former home address before it was sold and scheduled to be bulldozed – causing me to become out-on-the-street homeless. In the past, I’d have never considered asking for donations, but now there is a kind of war for survival of low-income people, and I’m in it for the duration of my own life – now age 59.

Jim Lantern is my legal “pen name” for the Internet as an Independent Journalist and Science Fiction Author.

James Charles Harwood is my legal birth name, born 5 March 1956 in Wichita Kansas.

Postings are in the U.S. Central Time Zone for Norman Oklahoma where I’m again living since 10 October 2015, previously living in Norman 3 May 2008 to 2 May 2015 at Bishop’s Landing Apartments (sold and to be razed).

Contact Me:

New ways to contact me:

  • NOT for calling me, NOT for Voice Mail, ONLY for sending Text Messages, I’ll provide a phone number for that after you contact me via the above noted email address.
  • U.S. Mail (“Snail Mail”) my new home address…

James C. Harwood

2128 W. Brooks, Apt D

Norman, OK 73069

A few music video favorites…

Me in a local video by Church In The Park at Andrew’s Park by the Norman Public Library…


IF I do not respond to your email within 3 to 5 days, or if quicker contact is needed, then you may text me via 620-640-9030, my free government-issued lifeline cell phone with free texting. Another option is to send US Mail to me: James C. Harwood, 2128 W. Brooks Apt D, Norman, OK 73069.
I do not presently have Internet access at my new apartment here in Norman Oklahoma. I might not be as frequent going to downtown or west branch library to use one of their free public terminals to check email, and use Internet for my WordPress site [Lantern Timeglass Journal under my Jim Lantern pen name], for the rest of this month and until 3 March or 3 April 2016. I hope by then to have HUD helping to pay part of my apartment rent, considering my limited budget on Social Security Disability. By then also be able to budget Cox Basic Cable TV plus Internet Broadband like I had at Bishop’s Landing Apartments – was included in rent there – will cost me about $80 per month for TV and Internet at my new home address. Then to also buy a new Chromebook or notebook or laptop that is both Wi-Fi and has an Ethernet port for the cable modem.
Jim Harwood

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