My Prediction: Trump Administration will end Thursday, August 31, 2017

Over a year ago I predicted Chris Christi [still in race at time of my first prediction] would be GOP candidate and be elected President, and oversee recovery from a cat 3-5 hurricane during first year [using his experience with recovery of Hurricane Sandy hitting New Jersey]. I was wrong. Trump got GOP nod and Election 2016 victory, did not select Christi to be VP. I still believed he would be involved in hurricane 2017 recovery, and that Trump would be injured by the hurricane – unable to remain in office, and VP would then be President.

My updated prediction now: Trump is to visit Texas on Tuesday August 29th tpo view damage and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. A day too soon, his ego will override common sense, resulting in him becoming injured during the inspection as more rain falls through Wednesday with more flooding and more tornadoes – Harvey will reenter gulf, refuel, and then turn back into Texas tonight. Trump will be in an accident, injured, bad enough to vacate office and turn it over to Pence. Kushner and Trump family will be OUT, leaving door open to Christi – but he might decline and Pence might ask another more experienced man to help oversee Hurricane Harvey recovery: Excerpted from 2006 Washington Post… “When civilian officials couldn’t get a grip on Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, it was Lt. Gen. Russel Honore who took charge, leading federal troops to help rescue thousands still stranded in New Orleans days after the storm. The cigar-chomping three-star general, whose leadership in the drowning city earned him the praise of even the government’s harshest critics, has since settled back to his chief duty: Training National Guard and Reserve soldiers for their deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. But as the face of the military’s role in disaster recovery – and a Louisiana native – Honore has a personal stake in New Orleans’ future, returning recently for anniversary ceremonies and keeping tabs as the city tries to build a better New Orleans.” During the recovery from the hurricane, the more traditional Republican party will be recovered by Pence, and then Congress will begin to reach new goals with some support from moderate Democrats and Independents.

I’m probably wrong, as usual with such future predictions, but there it is anyway.

Special Prediction by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Sunday – 27 August 2017

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