Homeland grocery stores offering home delivery…

Homeland Stores has created Instacart for home deliveries via online shopping. I’ll try it first week of August 2017 – my July 2017 budget is already chomping the dust. It appears I’ll be able to go to the website, select the items I want, pay with my VISA debit card – plus low cost delivery fee, and get the food delivered to my door in about 2 hours.

This is good news for me because of decline in physical health and ability to get out and get shopping done. My plan was to find a new doctor here in Norman still accepting new patients covered by Medicare. Like my former MD here, many are dumping their patients covered by Medicare and especially Medicaid being worse. The previous doctor I went to accepted Medicare but not Medicaid – costing me $90 for the office visit. I need a doctor to approve me getting a powered cart to be paid for by Medicare, similar to but smaller than a golf cart, which I’d use to travel between my apartment and the stores I shop at, using the sidewalks. No car. I’ve been using a bicycle with an extra rear basket. I’d rather not use taxi service, city bus, or ride services. It is increasingly unlikely I’ll find a new MD here in Norman still accepting new patients covered by Medicare. Low cost home delivery of food, general supplies, and medicine is now a better option than using a powered cart.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Monday morning – 10 July 2017

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