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Hawaii – 2nd Brief Update – 38 minutes between “Missile Alert” and “False Alarm”

At the end of the Cold War, all nuclear shelters in the State of Hawaii were shut down.

Shortly past 8am Hawaii time an official government alert “this is not a drill” was sent out to over a million people (including some teens and children) via cell phones for an incoming ballistic missile, to hit within 15 minutes, take shelter immediately. No effective shelter against a nuclear attack. Many people did the only thing they could do, squat down, hug each other, and wait to die.

A routine test during a shift change, an employee pressed the wrong button, causing the false alert. It took 38 minutes for the alert to be canceled by the same source. Meantime, others in government and military tried to inform as many people as possible that it is a false alarm.

Florida. President Trump on a golf course. The “nuclear football” within reach. A few more minutes at most if it had not been determined to be a false alarm, North Korea would no longer exist. Trump’s actual reaction to the initial report of an attack on Hawaii and just how close we came to nuclear war is not yet reported [now 2:20pm CT].

With all that has been happening with North Korea and its ongoing threats, the people of Hawaii were not prepared for a missile attack. No one knew what to do, where to go. Absolute terror gripped the entire state this Saturday 13 January 2018.

Of those responsible, no doubt at least one will be fired, expect someone in emergency management to resign, and expect others in government to not be reelected. It’s not enough.

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