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My Opinion: The Walking Dead AMC TV series should end with Season 10, and this is how…

The mid-season final of Season 8 ended with the revelation that Rick’s son Carl has been bit by a walker (zombie) and will soon die – Season 8 continues Sunday 25 February 2018.

After a significant drop in ratings, AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for Season 9, and it took AMC longer than usual to renew the series for another season.

Carl’s death will be a major departure from the original comics series version. Too many top characters loved by fans have been killed off, mainly for shock value rather than for dramatic story value to boost ratings – and has backfired. The question has been, who of the main characters will die this season or mid-season? Carl was expected to be the future of the series – maybe up to 20 seasons, Rick turning leadership over to him as he has become an adult following in his father’s footsteps. No so. Now Carl dies, or so it appears at end of med-season 8 episode 8. Episode 9 will confirm it, or further shock the fans by finding a bizarre way to save Carl.

My opinion, The Walking Dead TV series should end with Season 10, and the final episode of the series should be reflective of the final episode of Season 1 – with the CDC in Atlanta being blown up, and what Doctor whispered to Rick just before that.

“There’s your chance. Take it.” Jenner tells Rick.

“Grateful.” Rick replies.

“The day will come when you won’t be.” Jenner warns Rick, then whispers the revelation that all of them are already infected – implying a horrible death for all is inevitable.

My opinion, the final episode of the series should end like the ending of Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Substitute Rick for Taylor. After all who Rick care for are killed off by other humans or walkers, Rick finds a planet-killer bomb and sets it off, like…

That’s my opinion. With so many good characters killed off, doomed anyway, a happy ending is not possible – no miracle cure.

The only different ending I’d give it, as a major departure from the original comics series, to set the stage for what would amount to a new beginning or spin-off, or otherwise continuing the series for at least another 10 seasons, would be the revelation that aliens attacked Earth with the zombie virus. It would further be a variation of and continuation from the movie LIFEFORCE – about space vampires who take your lifeforce (soul and spiritual energy) instead of blood, and as result turn victims into zombies like walkers in The Walking Dead. [Warning: The following movie trailer includes some nudity.]

~ Editorial Article by Jim Lantern


Norman, Oklahoma 

Wednesday 17 January 2018

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