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Praise for actor Chandler Riggs – stared as Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead

Actor Chandler Riggs did his job, and did it well. If he continues in acting, then there should be no shortage of offers as he makes the transition from child actor to adult actor. Likewise, the character Carl Grimes made the transition from child to adult during Episode 8 of Season 8, the midseason cliffhanger, to be continued in February 2018. So it might be over for the walker-bitten Carl, but this could be a new beginning and way to greater things for Chandler.

Chandler with his new haircut has confirmed his departure from The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes.

The Walking Dead on AMC TV has been my number one favorite TV series of all time since its first episode. WHY? Brilliant storytelling, excellent writing, and outstanding acting – the kind of convincing dramatic acting that can make a viewer believe the unbelieveable presented by the storytellers and writers, well directed, to make me care about the fate of the characters.

Two episodes sold me on the series. The first of Season 1 and the last of Season 1.

In the first, making it more dramatic and serious than all other zombie stories, Rick tells the remains of a walker dragging itself across a field “I’m sorry this happened to you.” and then shoots it to kill it and put it out of its misery. A kind mercy.

In the last, the science of the virus is revealed to make the series more believable. The real CDC puts out instructions for how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, which happens to be the same instructions for surviving other biological disasters.

I was born 5 March 1956, so I grew up with television and going to movie theaters – I’ve seen a lot. AMC TV has been presenting the kind of dramas I like that are superior to all others – they make me care. Drama the primary genre, with sub-genres including horror and science fiction as well as history. Hell On Wheels is another outstanding drama that completed its run on AMC TV,

Chandler Riggs is one of the few actors whose character Carl Grimes has survived to Season 8 from the beginning. Those who play god and devil with the series have been killing off top characters played by outstanding actors. Such behavior would never have been tolerated for other dramas on TV in the past – kill off a main character usually kills the series. The Walking Dead TV series has to some extent been following the storyline of the comics series, but has planned to do a major kind of breakaway. There is the theory that killing off main characters is one of the things that makes this drama outstanding and makes the storytelling more believable. Even so, it is high risk.

Carl Grimes has been bit by a walker – a zombie, a fatal bite, so he is doomed. I believe this is the first time that a character didn’t die in the same episode, but whose death is a cliffhanger from the mid-season final to be continued in Episode 9 in February 2018. That he didn’t die in the same episode gives devout fans home that some kind of miracle will save Carl. Just as there were hints in Episode 8 that he would die, there are hints that he could survive. Security is so tight on The Walking Dead that the actors themselves usually do not know until the last minute what their fate will be.

Although the death of Carl Grimes appears to be certain, what could save him?

  1. The Hilltop doctor was saved and rescued from Negan, and that doctor could find a cure to treat Carl.
  2. Further, Carl might already be immune, the first known exception and new hope for the future of the human race.
  3. The helicopter – Rick saw a helicopter fly over, which is an indication that civilization able to maintain flight still exist somewhere not too far away – and they might have a medical team with ability to save or extend Carl’s life.
  4. A more bizarre twist would be Negan having a secret cure and thus the true meaning of The Saviors. It will be something major to see Negan’s reaction to the news of Carl being bit – and after threatening to kill him more than once Negan could become obsessed with finding a way to save him.
  5. The most extreme possibility I can think of would be a major breakaway from the comics series and break new ground for the series to easily give it 8 more years of life. Aliens. It could be revealed that an alien invasion released the virus on the humans. The aliens created the virus and have a cure for any humans they might want to save, perhaps for future slaves. If they look like us, they could be living among us, posing as one of the survivors at one of the communities. Perhaps a least likely suspect. Enid. Perhaps she could save Carl with a single kiss – transfer of bacteria. Perhaps she already has, and he has been immune since their first kiss. This could be a variation of the science fiction classic movie LIFEFORCE – 1985 British science fiction horror film – based on the novel The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson.

They take the “lifeforce” of humans instead of blood and as result turning humans into zombies. [Warning: The following movie trailer contains some nudity.]

The queen of the space vampires can give and take life with a single kiss. In the movie, the character named Carlson confronts the female vampire.

In my Walking Dead version idea, Enid as a space vampire could give Carl a life-saving kiss turning him into a space vampire to save him from death and becoming a Walking Dead zombie. That would be ultra-cool. Carl could join her aboard the alien star ship to launch a new spin-off series traveling to other worlds.

LIFEFORCE is not the best science fiction movie of all time, but it is my number one favorite science fiction movie of all time.

Carl and Enid were a greater hope for the future than any other characters. Becoming adults, I could easily see them becoming the lead characters after Rick Grimes bites the dust – father passing the torch to son. The death of Rick Grimes would be a blockbuster season ender, but need not be a series ender. As promised, Rick could kill Negan, but in doing so and by whatever means he does kill Negan, he himself is sacrificed and dies then or soon after as result of the fight to the death and beyond. However, the ultimate twist would be Rick’s sacrifice resulting in Negan keeping a promise to save Carl’s life.

The talented Chandler Riggs is also a singer and musician…

…find more at YouTube.

Review by Jim Lantern, in Norman, Oklahoma


Monday 18 December 2017

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