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The Voice 2017 Chloe Kohanski

I’ve not been watching all of this season of The Voice. The show sometimes has on professional guest acts, well known performers, sometimes past winners, if I recall correctly – but usually Wednesday nights instead of Tuesday nights. When Chloe Kohanski came on I thought her to be a professional guest act, looking slightly familiar but I could not recall who . . . then her name came on the scree as one of the contestants to vote for. WOW! Whose that? The Winner. She got my vote tonight. She’s a winner whether or not she wins this season of The Voice.

At Twitter…

Chloe Kohanski


“Very emotional girl + The Voice Season 13”

From YouTube, tonight’s performance…

Special note to readers: I’ve delayed termination of Cox for TV, Internet, and phone (Bundle) to December 14th, so I’ll still be posting from home until then.

Special Review by Jim Lantern, in Norman, Oklahoma


Monday 4 December 2017

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