Where’s Consumer Protection against unreasonable pricing by Cox Communications?

The “Bundle” deal I’ve had with Cox for $135.14 per month…

  • (49.98) Bundle Savings
  • 94.99 Contour TV [79.99 + 7.5 Movie Pak + 4.00 Broadcast Surcharge + 3.50 Regional Sports Surcharge]
  • 37.98 Cox High Speed Internet Preferred
  • 28.88 Phone
  • 111.87 subtotal
  • 23.27 taxes, fees and surcharges
  • 135.14 total

Rising cost of health care, but mainly special diets and more expensive food, I’m forced to make cuts from Cox – the only expense in my budget that I can cut.

I only needed to shift about $35 from Cox to my monthly food budget.

Cox representatives are unwilling to work with me to remove one or two of the three services in the “bundle” deal, or to reduce any of those services as a downgrade. There are two or three lower options for TV that do not cost as much as the service I have. Downgrading to the next lower level for TV should have solved my budget problem. However, any downgrade or removal of a service would break the bundle deal, resulting in – for example – TV alone costing more than the “bundle” deal total, as a penalty. Same highest rate penalty applied to any customers who leave Cox and then later return when their budgets have improved to afford Cox. So now Cox is punishing any customers who downgrade or leave. If you leave and then return the total will add up to hundreds of dollars – over $200 for the least expensive TV deal alone. This is unreasonable pricing, which in my opinion should be illegal.

The bottom line is the deal I have is the best and lowest priced deal Cox is willing to provide to me. To take anything less will cost more in penalties. To leave, and then return when myu budget has improved, will result in penalties to cost me more than now.

Therefore, I’m terminating all Cox services effective December 5 end of billing period, and I will NEVER again do business with Cox. It has become like a drug dealer providing the three addictions – TV, Internet, phone – and now a bully engaging in price gouging because there is no “cable” competition here. Cox is now part of an evil greedy vulture culture.

This will save me about $135 per month – money that can be spent on other needs and perhaps a few wants. Because of special diets my food budget has doubled, exceeding my overall budget by $35 per month.

The fair price for TV plus Internet plus phone service would be $90 per month total

Because of no more Internet at home, I will when possible make use of public WI-FI and the nearby west branch of the Norman Public Library free computer terminals.

The loss of the Cox phone service is not a major loss – I still have my cell phone via Tracfone – for $20 per month double 60 minutes card to 120 minutes. I mainly use it for texting. Talk only when necessary, but with less use of email there will be more talking.

The loss of the TV service is what will hurt some. I can still buy or rent movies and use a DVD player with my TV. I’ll go back to reading more books – novels – from the library, and buying some at bookstores. Also, there is the old AM/FM radio.

My minimum new routine will be similar to a past routine.

Usually on the 3rd of every month I’ll pay apartment rent, gas service for heat, prepay electric, and do some shopping. I no longer have a bicycle,which was my main transportation in the past, making use of large front and back baskets. I now have a dolly cart – a cage on wheels, better than using the bicycle baskets for bring home purchases. Usually on foot with the dolly cart for the nearby stores – such as Homeland, Dollar General, and Braums, as well as Circle K. Now age and disability have qualified me for free use of the local bus system. I’ll take the dolly cart with me when I ride the bus to the west branch library to use the Internet and check out or return books. From there walk the dolly cart to Walmart west side. From there over to OEC to prepay electric for my apartment. From there maybe a stop at Aldi grocery store, and possibly a stop at Arby’s. Then to the nearest bus stop to catch the bus back home.

I’ll repeat some of that routine when it is time to return books to the library and perhaps check out more – usually about every 1 to 3 weeks.

I’ll miss the convenience of instant access to Internet from home.

I’ve not been doing much writing here, anyway, mainly because of health reasons, and some loss of interest in writing editorial articles, science fiction, and other kinds of writing.

Trump killed my interest in politics, and desire to write about political issues. Also I could not tolerate watching CNN, FOX, and MSNBC anymore – nothing but Trump madness. Negative input equals negative output. Bad for my health – body, mind, and spirit.

Will I consider other options? Not for phone. Maybe for Internet. Perhaps for TV. A hand held device to get all three? Not presently affordable – eventually.

Reported by Jim Lantern, in Norman, Oklahoma


Tuesday – 28 November 2017

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