Motive Mystery of the Las Vegas Massacre

First, a personal note to readers: Like a Phoenix out of the ashes of 12 months of extreme pain, I have recovered as much as possible under the circumstances, back to full writing strength and past frequency. Not without lasting physical impact, having lost weight and my face has changed some, not as bad as Palpatine’s disfigurement in Star Wars III at the end of the duel with Mace Windu, perhaps God is remolding me for a different kind of life now.

At the time of this posting, 4 bells past midnight for an early start – not that yesterday has lost its grip from not enough sleep earlier, the MOTIVE MYSTERY of the LAS VAGUS MASSACRE continues. It is not yet known – or not yet announced by authorities – why Stephen Paddock murdered 59 people and wounded/injured 527.

Reported to be a “lone wolf” shooter. But is he? Certainly the only shooter, but were others involved? Did others know what he was going to do? Did his girlfriend know? Is that why she left the country? I recall the shooter of a past mass killing had a wife or x-wife who left the country just before the shootings. Otherwise it appears he kept his plans to himself. His family, brother, closest relatives, apparently had no clue.

Clues that it was to be much more than it turned out to be include the discovery of guns and ammo in his home, as well as bomb making materials and explosive substances. Clearly, his plan was to kill many more people than he did. What went wrong with his plan? He spent too much time on the initial shootings? Police/SWAT got to him sooner than he expected? He must have intended to exhaust the supply of ammo for the guns taken to the hotel room, and then escape to use other guns elsewhere and to use bombs on other targets. Described by his brother as being a multi-millionaire, he had the means to do much more. ISIS claims he converted and did the shootings for them, but no evidence of that has so far been found – that this is not a terrorist attack although not so different from a terrorist attack – certainly just as bad – just as evil. Clearly, he didn’t plan to kill himself, but he was prepared to do so to prevent capture and interrogation – perhaps to keep the motive secret as a means to protect others involved and keep secret their identities as well as future attack plans.

Almost like an old Sunday Mystery Movie story, if not for the horrors of the reality of this being the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Centrist Independent Voter in Norman, Oklahoma


4:00am CT Tuesday – 3 October 2017

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