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WOW! Love it! Orchestra version of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”

Just the melody of this song “White Wedding” has been stuck in my mind since the start of this month. I don’t know why, what triggered it, but maybe used in a commercial for a movie I saw on TV. My mind was blank on the title of the song, lyrics of the song, and who created it . . . until today. While in the shower the words began to return to memory, making it possible for me to Google Search “…hey little sister…” lyrics to identify the song and artist Billy Idol. Because the melody stood out, here is an orchestra version I found…

Here’s an excellent harp version by Amy Turk…

The original with lyrics…

Something about the melody makes me picture it as excellent “travelin’ music” for a road trip. Think of those movies in which there is a scene with the camera zooming in on a wheel of a car as it rolls down a highway.

In advance for “Flashback Friday” 11 August 2017. “It’s a good day to start again.”

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Thursday afternoon – 10 August 2017

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