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Beautiful life-giving purifying rain, first day of August 2017

Summer 1963, age 7, I was at home one day when there was the kind of heavy rain lasting several hours – a steady rain but not causing any flooding in the area. No lightning and thunder. No strong wind. Peaceful sounds – the falling rain, flowing off of roofs and trees, flowing into the shallow drainage ditches along the neighborhood road. So much green – trees, plants, grass – as if the rain causing the light to dark green colors to be more noticeable.

I had pulled a chair over by a living room window to watch it all. My mother happened to pass through the living room and mistook me to be bored and unhappy from being trapped inside during the long rain. She offered to find something for me to do to pass the time until the rain ends. “No.” I replied. “I like it. I like watching it. Look. See? Do you see? It’s all alive. It is life. It is beautiful.” After recovering from the shock of such words coming from me, she looked out the window and understood, agreeing, “Yes, it is.”

This first day of August 2017 is a day of light to heavy rain, viewed from my apartment, reminding me now at age 61 of that long ago special day of rain opening my eyes to such beauty and vast life all around, taking the time to appreciate God’s creation and its life cycle with life-giving purifying rain.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Tuesday afternoon – 1 August 2017

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