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PERSONAL JOURNAL – Personal Update:

Photo this morning of my Zero Gravity chair, my HP Stream Notebook/laptop on the side table. Reclined, I can reach over and operate it with right hand. Or I can use it as a laptop on my lap. I do have an additional keyboard. I am rough on keyboards. I’ll wear out a normal keyboard in 9 months, so better to do so with a $10 keyboard from Walmart than to wear out the notebook keyboard – I’d have to buy a new $200 notebook. As I write this, I have the separate keyboard on my lap. Also, I bought a separate 3-speaker sound system for listening to music – watching music videos. The Zero Gravity chair faces the south wall of my living room – TV in SW corner and French Doors to balcony in SE corner. A coffee table and couch to my left – at the east wall to the right of the apartment entrance door from the outside stairs.

It became too uncomfortable to sit on my office chair at the table I was using for a desk. The hernia in my groin involving the small intestine has become slightly worse. When flat on my back it would pop back into place and still does. I made a truss like a jock strap to try to hold it in, but then it shifted to center – at first painful like being kicked in the groin from inside out, then settled down to mild discomfort. At first it mainly popped out when standing or walking. I was still able to sit and ride my bicycle without aggravating it. I can no longer ride my bicycle and it is slightly uncomfortable to sit in a normal chair when it involves the center and right side of groin, while now also trying to invade the left side. Surprisingly, walking is not as difficult as it was, and for walking to the grocery store I still wear the truss. I bought a $50 dolly cart via Amazon – like a dolly with a cage on it, for bringing groceries home. However, recently, swelling in my legs – mainly from knees to toes – especially left knee last night was so bad I could not bend my left leg at the knee for a few hours. I took Ibuprofen to help knock down the inflammation.

I’ve so far been one time to the emergency room of the local hospital for this, and was then basically turned away. Because the hernia has not ruptured or does not include the blocking of the small intestine, it is considered to be an “elective” for an operation instead of an “emergency” and therefore not covered by Medicare. However, blocking my ability to urinate could make it an emergency for another trip to the hospital. Related impact on my kidneys could account for the water retention and swelling in my legs. I need to find a new doctor here in Norman Oklahoma who is still accepting new patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid, to then order the operation to repair the hernia. The trend has been for doctors like my former doctor to dump patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

The hernia was partly caused by attacks of extreme pain associated with ulcers throughout my digestive system – mainly stomach and one in my esophagus with additional complications, as well as a burning stinging rash caused by genetic Celiac Disease – symptoms beginning a few months ago. Celiac Disease involves gluten – wheat – damaging the small intestine and its ability to absorb nutrients. A special gluten-free diet helps to knock down the rash, but I’ve been discovering other kinds of foods are now triggering the rash – as if I’ve become allergic to most food. Having been scoped, it was discovered some ulcers can no longer be repaired via operations, and so require another kind of special diet to aid natural healing.

Personal Journal by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Friday – 21 July 2017

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