Faith with Blessings Beyond the Buck Moon 2017 Moon Shadow

This month’s full moon posting has called for something other than my usual with amusing music videos and wallpaper . . . and now it is July 10th already. Thought about it. Didn’t get to it until now. Because I have more time now? Because I feel well enough to do some writing today? Hard to say. Even so, here am I – lantern and pen at the ready, anyway.

Yesterday, Sunday 9 July 2017, the moon reached fullness at 12:07 a.m. EST. The July full moon is known as the Buck Moon (since male deers’ antlers are fully grown by July), as well as the Blessing Moon.

A “Blessing Moon doesn’t herald a change in the seasons, but it just might usher in a major shift in your overall point of view.”

…Excerpts from “Refinery 29″…

  • This time of year is known for high temperatures, long weekends, and slow-paced living. If you’re already feeling too settled into your summertime routine, the idea of more of the same might feel a little, well, dull. No one likes feeling like their lives are being put on hold, but it isn’t the end of the world if you take a breather from reality now and then. And that’s what the Blessing Moon is all about.
  • Consider where July falls in the calendar: It’s the official start of the final half of the year, and from here on out, the time will start to fly by. With the rapid changes that come with the fall equinox and all the preparations that the winter solstice demands, July is one of the last few moments of total calm before the year ends. This month’s full moon is your opportunity to count — and fully enjoy — your blessings while you can.
  • Where some months’ full moons challenge us to pursue our goals or enact immense changes, July’s full moon simply asks us to acknowledge what we already have. Plan a gratitude ritual for Saturday night (when the moon will be just nearly full), or even contribute to a humanitarian cause to increase the blessings of others. Most of all, don’t feel guilty if you simply spend next weekend lounging on the deck or strolling through the park. That’s what this time of year was made for.

Count my blessings? Well. Okay. So…

  1. I got kicked out of hell for screaming too loud – disturbing all of the other condemned souls. Count my blessings. “Bah! Humbug!” Sent back to earth…
  2. At least I’m not out-on-the-street homeless in the summer heat and humidity.
  3. My apartment has air conditioning, a blessing – although when it is most needed Oklahoma Electric engages in price gouging with “peak hours” higher rates for 3pm-7pm Mon-Fri.
  4. So the next blessing is the break from “peak hours” on weekends and holidays – for example no “peak hours” Saturday July 1 through Tuesday July 4. Considerate of OEC to include Monday July 3. Bless those delightful vultures.
  5. What about the disabled and elderly with serious health problems unable to cut back when most needed? There is the blessing of the Department of Human Services Low Income Energy Assistance Program. I’ve been approved for $207 for this summer, to be paid directly to OEC sometime this month. Meantime, I continue to prepay my electric service, to include use of air conditioning.
  6. I mainly use the air conditioner from noon to midnight as needed. Then from midnight to noon if nice enough outside I like to open up doors and windows to let in fresh air – so such fresh air is another blessing.

Considering the blessings theme, there is a song that comes to mind…

…And with that, might as well include…

This week the forecasted highs are 90F+ and forecasted lows 70F+ with no rain expected so far.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Monday morning – 10 July 2017

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