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Breaking News LIVE via KSTP5 (ABC) St. Paul, Protesters shut down I-94, Verdict: APD Officer Jeronimo Yanez NOT GUILTY – fatally shot Philando Castile

LINK to LIVE coverage – excellent live streaming from Chopper 5 and from reporters on the ground…


LINK to news story and updates…


As I’m posting this nearly 11:00pm CT, estimated 2000 protesters have shout down all lanes both directions of I-94 at St. Paul Minnesota. Local TV coverage now reports it appears police are preparing to take action against the protesters.

CNN gave it about 10 seconds of coverage. Normally CNN would have someone there for live coverage as it has done during past protests and verdicts of police officers shootings. But now CNN is obsessed with covering everything about Trump – as is Fox News and MSNBC also not having anyone there to cover the verdict and resulting protests. Many important news stories normally given extended coverage are not being reported on by CNN, Fox News, MSNBC on TV because of all are focused on issues related to President Trump.


11:10pm CT – Police ordering protesters to leave. About 500 of the 2000 estimated still there.

11:55pm CT – Escalation. Police have used mace on a few of the protesters. Even so as more of the protesters are leaving the area. A few have refused to leave – sitting on the ground.

12:10am CT – Protest now appears to be peacefully coming to an end as Highway I-94 has been cleared.

Report by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Friday night – 16 June 2017

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