Norman, Oklahoma, 2:00pm CT Thursday 15 June 2017 – Heat Index (what it feels like): 100F

Trouble sleeping at night during the warm weather so far has nearly flipped my schedule. During the days, sitting in a chair or on the couch while watching TV results in me frequently nodding off – falling asleep for a few seconds to a few minutes. The TV commercials at louder volume tend to bring me back and wake the dead. This has in the past happened more often at night – during late night TV.

Part of the problem with sleeping nights now has been an unrealistic fear of not being able to breathe and feeling closed in, even with the air conditioner on. Part of that is a side effect of bronchial asthma, and a history of acid reflux – with justified concern of the acid getting into my lungs during sleep. Opening the doors and windows when the temperature outside falls below 85F ends the closed in feeling within my apartment, and then the air coming in from outside is easier to breathe. I’ve recently spent more time out on the private balcony of my 2nd level apartment during nights than during days – facing south gets the sun all day and prevailing wind. I can rinse out my cloths and then dry them within a couple of hours hanging out there in the wind during the day.

The air conditioner is working well. The electric company has a higher rate during peak hours 3:00pm to 7:00pm Monday through Friday.

Ozone has been high during the days recently, triggering severe bronchial asthma attacks I’ve been treating with Primatene Tablets as needed – usually a half tablet knocks it down a few hours. Also, a dry cough I’ve treated with some cough syrup.

I did get some sleep last night, more than usual, and feel better for it today. I got an early start. I put out plenty of water and dry food for the homeless cats visiting me at my front door and a few somehow reaching the roof and then jumping down to my balcony during the nights when I’m out there. I’ve repaired and refilled the bird feeder on the balcony. I also get visited on the balcony by a mouse – reminds me of the mouse in the movie The Green Mile. Out there at night, it’s still good to look up at the stars of a clear sky and wonder. Also to watch the lightning of distant storms at night approaching or passing by with barely the sound of thunder finally reaching me. I’ve sometimes walked over to nearby Circle K convenience store on the SE corner of Lindsey and 24th SW middle of the night (open 24/7) to buy a need or a want. Also for the walk, plus clerks there are more conversational, helpful, and friendly at night when less traffic. I tend to get most shopping done at Homeland grocery store when it opens at 6:00am. I like being out then during an hour when there’s almost no traffic – especially Sunday mornings before sunrise.

I bought more food and general supplies at nearby Dollar General when the store opened 8:00am today before it gets too hot to be out in the sun. I have to cross Lindsey still under construction for widening and installation of a new drainage system to reduce flooding in the area from heavy rain storms. The nearest cross over from apartments south entrance to other side to get to the store was open when I went over there, closed off by the time I was headed back for that segment to be completed today – also cutting off access to the car wash place, Taco Bell, and an auto parts store from Lindsey, but alley access from the back is still possible.

I’ve watered my two Golden Pothos hanging plants, and my Majestic Palm Plant – almost like a miniature palm tree.

I had a Hungry Man Classic Fried Chicken Dinner for lunch today – excellent, having got my appetite back and able to consume a full course meal. Most of my digestive system has been damaged by bleeding ulcers and genetic Celiac Disease, causing certain limits and special diet.

A new refreshing drink for summer days and nights: Crushed ice in a glass, fill half way with grape soda, and then grape juice on top to let the fiz of the soda rise up through the juice – not stirred in. No negative side effects, even in my current condition. Makes me feel better overall.

Today is the first time this year that the heat index – comparable to the wind chill factor, what the heat actually feels like, has reached and exceeded 100F.

AccuWeather: 91F actual, 100F “RealFeel” – forecasted high 97F to feel like 104F.

The Weather Channel: 92F actual, 92F, 102F feels like – forecasted high 94F  to feel like 105F.

The wind is gusting SSE to 20 mph. The humidity is about 55%.

Slight chance for a strong thunderstorm late afternoon, or evening, or tonight. Clear by sunrise tomorrow.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


2:00pm CT Thursday – 15 June 2017

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