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Putin is like Captain Hook, Trump like a bad Peter Pan who never grew up in a political Neverland

That’s my comparison, observation, opinion, regarding the Russian connection.

Trump:  “I had nothing to do with Russians, had not been involved with hookers in Russia, and had always assumed I was being recorded when in Russia.

Take a closer look at that quote if true. At a minimum, it is an admission he has been there. “…when in Russia.” Previously claiming he hadn’t, right? No business in or with Russia. No Russian connection. Apparently not true. So what was he there for and when?

Maybe Putin offered hookers to Trump so that he could play with their tweets.

Testimony scheduled to begin at 8am CT 9am ET this Thursday morning 8 June 2017.

Editorial Article and Special Report by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


2:00am CT Thursday – 8 June 2017

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