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Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3 begins tonight on AMC TV – Sunday 4 June 2017

I do not like Fear the Walking Dead as much as I like The Walking Dead. I’ll watch marathon reruns of The Walking Dead episodes, but not its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead – like today’s marathon. However, re-watching part of the final episode of Season 2 is helping to restore my memory to get ready to watch the first episode of Season 3 tonight. It will be followed by the Fear the Talking Dead live show, like The Talking Dead live show followed the episodes of The Walking Dead. I’m looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead in October 2017.

I’m not sure why, but today has felt like a holiday – the way Memorial Day holiday weekend should have felt but didn’t – mainly because I was out of money and nearly out of food – not much to celebrate with. Can do so this weekend, to more than make up for last weekend. Baby Back Ribs for dinner. The easy already cooked kind, just heat and serve. It’s been a fast day – a fast weekend. I am feeling better – better health – this weekend compared to last weekend and the past month. Back to normal routine tomorrow…

Hard to enjoy a fictional TV series about zombies, when I can turn on CNN, or Fox News, or MSNBC and watch 24/7 the unfolding real-life zombie apocalypse spreading out from Washington DC, and other horror stories from around the world. Normal routine? I’ll be writing new editorial articles about those subjects of top news stories.

Presently I hear thunder. How far off I need not wonder. Radar shows storms coming in from northeast – very unusual, instead of from southwest.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Sunday evening – 4 June 2017

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