America’s Got Talent Season 12 gets off to an AMAZING good start 30 May 2017

I’ve watched all seasons of AGT on NBC, and this Season 12 got off to a better start than any past season. Four of the acts were better than the rest because their performances included surprises. Two were magic acts, although one was presented as an escape artist and he turned out to be a master illusionist equal to David Copperfield. The other two of my favorite four acts turned out to be amazing singers, but one began as a clown and the other a ventriloquist. All four of the acts I’ve selected received four YES votes from the judges. One got the Golden Buzzer to go direct to the first live show without further competition.

The ventriloquist is my favorite of the four I’ve selected, and is the one who got the Golden Buzzer to go direct to the first live show without any further competition. Darci Lynne, age 12, from here in Oklahoma, is presented as a ventriloquist. She is an excellent ventriloquist. The surprise is she is also an amazing singer. She could win this season of America’s Got Talent. Here is the act…

My second choice is Damian Aditya, escape artist. The surprise is he turns out to be a master illusionist equal to David Copperfield. Here is the act with the surprise ending…

My third choice is a man dressed as a clown and billed as Puddles Pity Party. He is at first silent during the interview before going on stage – using hand gestures to communicate, as if not speaking is part of his act. I expected him to be an X-out by the judges. Instead, he begins to sing, and sing very well. So here is his surprising act…

My fourth choice is a close-up magic act. “Will” places coins under cards, then moving them around. Not too impressive. However, then removing the cards and causing the coins to instantly move is what impressed me, and so here is his act…

Most of the other acts were good, but were not as surprising as the four I’ve chosen.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. America’s Got Talent is on NBC TV Tuesday nights 7pm to 9pm CT.

Reviewed by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Wednesday morning – 31 May 2017

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