Political Candidates upon being elected should be required by law to keep their campaign promises! [POLL]

It is my opinion that political candidates at all levels of government should be required by law to keep all of their campaign promises, or provide a reasonable excuse for not keeping a specific promise or for making changes to a specific promise; reasonable excuses to be judged by the highest court at each level – city, county, state, and federal. A judge could then order an election be overturned and to schedule a special election. Further, 90 days into term, voters should have a chance to judge the performance of elected candidates – giving the voters the power to fire the elected candidates who don’t perform acceptably.

In the case of President, upon removal for breaking campaign promises or failing to perform acceptably, the Vice President (in line of succession) would have 90 days to keep the broken promises.

Donald Trump received some votes because of his promise to not cut or touch Medicare and Social Security. Since being elected President, his administration has engaged in Orwellian behavior to redefine Social Security as only applying to retirement – to not include disability, and therefore see it as not breaking that campaign promise by cutting disability but not retirement benefits. The promise to not cut or touch Medicare (federal) did not apply to Medicaid (state) as states get some federal money for Medicaid. Trump stated it would not be necessary to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security because of his plan to fix both with new revenue from new jobs and jobs brought back to the United States from other countries. He also promised to use that new revenue to update infrastructure. As new jobs are being created, many are being cut or lost. As some jobs are coming back to the United States, the increase in revenue is not enough to have any impact yet for the better.Most likely, when that revenue is enough to make a difference, then it will be used for a different purpose under claims of changes in priorities.

President Trump, claiming to not be a politician, is doing a better job engaging in “smoke and mirrors” than any politician in history. The truth is just another lie not yet found out. The promise to terminate ObamaCare, for which he received many votes, has been changed to only making changes to ObamaCare, but the TrumpCare replacement is a deceptive and is as much a mess as ObamaCare has so far been for many Americans.

Trump is keeping a few campaign promises, and is doing some good not previously promised, but is it enough to compensate for broken or changed promises? Trump restored freedom of speech to churches so that they can support a candidate without loss of tax exempt status. He did that not because he cares about churches having freedom of speech, but because doing so will likely gain him support by churches when seeking reelection in Election 2020. So he has already used his authority to influence the outcome of the next election in his favor.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Tuesday morning – 30 May 2017

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