Praying for an Untroubled Memorial Day Holiday and Weekend

Looking back over remembered past Memorial Day Monday’s, I recall most have been rained out. Memorial Day is also remembered for visiting and decorating the grave sites of family, friends, and those who served in the military. Such visits, like the funerals remembered, have usually been under black umbrellas shielding people from rain under grey clouds. No rain in the forecast this year – but for Saturday night May 27 a chance for thunderstorms. Otherwise sunny, warm, and breezy. There are thunderstorms in the forecast for the first week of June 2017. Summer has arrived here in Norman Oklahoma. Forecasted lows will not be low enough to justify turning on the heat. Some days are warm enough now to justify using the air conditioner. As I write this Friday afternoon May 26, it is 26 days until the official First Day of Summer – June 21 but it’s already in the wind…

Issuing the traditional “Happy” Memorial Day Holiday and Weekend, considering the times we live in, it feels more appropriate to pray for an “Untroubled” Memorial Day Holiday and Weekend. Especially for the military, and for people traveling, as well as those attending major public celebrations. Plus a special additional prayer for those who are suffering and surviving.

Presented by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Friday afternoon – 26 May 2017

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