The 34th Season of Survivor concludes on CBS TV tonight 24 May 2017

Survivor: Game Changers – Wikipedia.

Concludes tonight on CBS TV with a 3-hour special – the final 2 hours of competition and the third hour sis the live results show. 7:00pm CT to 10:00pm CT.

Survivor: Game Changers — Mamanuca Islands is the 34th season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor, featuring 20 returning castaways. The season premiered on March 8, 2017 with a two-hour episode, marking the series’ 500th episode.

I’ve been a fan of Survivor from the beginning, but have not watched all of the seasons. Over the years, it has become more social – castaways surviving each other, than surviving the hardship of being stranded on an island – as well as surviving the competitions – some for rewards and some for immunity to not be voted out.

As I write this Wednesday morning, six castaways remain…

  • Aubry Bracco
  • Brad Culpepper
  • Cirie Fields
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Troy Robertson
  • Tai Trang

This season I have no favorite and no prediction who will win. All six are worthy, having survived this far.

Reported by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma USA


Wednesday morning – 24 May 2017

UPDATE Thursday morning 25 May 2017: Sarah Lacina wins Survivor Game Changers.

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