I-35 States – Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas – Tornado Alley monsters unbound May 2017

I wasn’t actively aware of the storm threat Tuesday evening 16 May 2017. Too often the forecast for severe t-storms for Norman, Oklahoma, has been wrong – like “cry wolf” – local forecasters overreacting because of their concern citizens will under react, not be ready, not be prepared – so they sometimes make it sound worse than they really expect it to be. Also, fear boosts viewer ratings – until they stop paying attention and ignore local sources.

MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News have become the political horror channels on cable TV, unfolding nightmares, rivaling anything in fiction on TV. I was switching between those three Tuesday evening to monitor the unfolding events involving President Trump and related issues. Doing that until 8:00pm CT when I’d watch “Prison Break” on Fox TV, one of the few network TV entertainment shows I’m watching this season. When I switched over to local cable channel 12 to watch it, there was instead live coverage of Elk City, Oklahoma, having been hit by “grapefruit-size” hail, and an EF-2 tornado causing significant damage, injuries, and one death. Storms spreading across Oklahoma, dropping hail and tornadoes, at least one headed toward the Oklahoma City, Moore, and Norman area on I-35. When the storm finally reached Norman, it was not as bad as expected.

More of the same is expected tonight, and the next few days – through Saturday resulting in some flooding, with possibly worse storms than those of May 16…

Severe weather outbreak, intense tornadoes to rip through Kansas to Texas – AccuWeather.com

I’ll be monitoring AccuWeather.com via the Internet using my laptop, and will check local TV channels throughout the late afternoon, evening, and night. Storms are already showing up on the radar there, 3:45pm CT. At this time, the Hourly Forecast is for arrival of those storms in Norman at about 6:00pm CT. My second floor apartment private balcony faces south, with view from ESE to WSE. Presently, I can see stormy-looking clouds approaching from the west and southwest. Although as I just used my cell phone to take the following image, it does not now look as bad as it did a few minutes ago, which is what caused me to check the forecast for new updates…

I might update this posting if there is anything important and new to report about the weather into this night.

Meantime, some old favorite music that has stood the test of time…


As I write this 4:40pm CT, tornadoes on the ground here in Oklahoma west of OKC headed northwest in western Oklahoma – I’m in Norman about 30 minutes south of OKC on I-35. Expecting storms to reach Oklahoma City, Moore, and Norman area in about 2 hours. Watching live coverage on http://kfor.com/on-air/live-streaming/

New storms popped up – arriving sooner than expected – first wave on edge of Norman now 5:10pm CT. Expecting heavy rain, flooding, hail, at least damaging winds but not a tornado so far although this line of storms is intensifying. Sheltering in place. Massive tornadoes elsewhere moving across Oklahoma as I write this. Watching live coverage on http://kfor.com/on-air/live-streaming/

Storms update 8pm CT. Bizarre frequent lightning over Norman has been messing with the power. Although some thunder of course, the lightning has been close enough to hear a kind of screaming sound in the air outside. Alternating between dead clam and frequent wind gusts at least 60 mph. Some heavy rain but no flooding. The sky is a strange color. almost orange, making me think of Mars. This is the third wave of storms tonight – more coming later. Tinker AFB just reported 65 mph wind. I hear emergency sirens in Norman now – police or EMS or fire – probably wind damage and power lines down. Battery good on my laptop, and Cox cable for Wi-Fi is still working. Who needs fiction? The world has gone crazy and we are living it.

Storms moving out of area 9pm CT – end of third wave. More later tonight. Reported by KFOR 4-Warn, 70 mph winds in Norman snapped off 10-inch trees branches and poles.

Special Report by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma


Thursday afternoon – 18 May 2017

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