A Possible Alternative to the US-Mexico Wall

We’ve gone from Trump promising a wall and Mexico will pay for it, to US tax payers will pay for it and then Mexico will be forced to compensate, to the cost of the wall threatening a government shutdown with the budget battle.

It has been proposed Mexico will pay a 20% tax on imports to pay for the wall. Right idea – Mexico paying a 20% tax on imports. Wrong idea – the wall. Do away with the wall idea. Keep the taxing imports idea.

My proposal…

Why does it have to be one-sided? Why does it have to be the United States taking steps on its side of the border to fight illegal traffic? Such as illegal immigrants and drugs. Mexico should do more on its side of the border to stop such illegal traffic from leaving Mexico to enter the US. Granted, Mexico is already trying to stop such illegal traffic from entering Mexico from Guatemala, to cross through Mexico to then enter the US. Some of the illegal traffic entering the US actually comes from south of Mexico, not just Mexico.

My proposal is to do away with the wall and give Mexico incentive to do more on its side of the border to stop illegal traffic entering the US. Each month the amount of illegal traffic caught entering the US would be assessed. Then that figure will determine the imports tax amount each following month. So the more successful Mexico is at stopping the problem on its side from harming the US, the lower the imports tax will be. The revenue from the imports tax collected will used not to build a wall but to compensate the US for the cost in damage the illegal traffic does to the US.

Special Editorial Article by Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma


Tuesday – 25 April 2017

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