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Sean Spicer tries to get Over The Hump on Wednesday regarding his remark about Hitler and Syria

Palm Sunday. Palm Week. Christians and Jews sensitive to Sean Spicer’s absurd remark comparing Hitler to Assad regarding use of chemical weapons. I was watching on TV when he said that, and my reactions was like “Say what?!” And “That’s just wrong.” Another example of all those associated with the Trump Administration talking out of their rear ends, or having their heads so far up their rear ends that their heads are hanging out of their mouths. I’ve also watched on TV the live interview during which Spicer apologized for his mistake.

From news sources…

Sean Spicer tries on humility: ‘I screwed up’

A contrite Sean Spicer ditched his usual defiance Wednesday and asked the public to forgive him for remarks a day earlier in which he credited Adolf Hitler with refraining from using chemical weapons during World War II.


…Should Spicer be forgiven? Perhaps, if he is really sincere. Will Trump forgive him or replace him? I give it a 50/50 chance at this time. Trump has screwed up more than Spicer by making all kinds of bizarre claims without facts to prove any of them. Should Trump be forgiven? Maybe for a few of those, but many have gone way too far and some he continues to claim are true. Most likely, Trump will never admit any mistakes, ask for forgiveness, or in any way humble himself. He perceives such confessions as a sign of being weak.

As for Assad, ISIS in Syria, and the Russians, I heard an opinion of one of the “experts” interviewed on CNN or FOX – I forget which one now as I was switching between the two – and I didn’t see the name of the man giving the opinion but he did make good sense. It comes down to which should be the priority – removing Assad from Syria or removing ISIS from Syria. Which is the lesser of two evils? If ISIS is removed first then doing so will likely benefit Assad making it harder for him to be removed and replaced. Therefore, Assad should first be removed and replaced with someone who will not harm the Syrian people. Even so, keep in mind, ISIS is a threat to the Syrian people too. Both threats are causing the refugees problem. Does it have to be one or the other? Are we not strong enough to remove both threats at the same time? Russia, and Iran, are major kinks in the issue. More so Russia than Iran. Even so, both have threatened military action against the US if the US again attacks Syria for Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. Apparently, Assad prefers to kill his own people than to kill ISIS. Russia and Iran support Assad while opposing ISIS. Russia would be willing to side with the US to remove ISIS if the US will stop threatening Assad. Either way, Iran opposes the US and is a threat to the US. An extremely complicated situation. So what if anything can Trump do to help solve the problem? Perhaps pray with all sincerity to seek guidance from God.

I skipped over “Music Monday” this week. So this appears to be a good time to do that this Wednesday with the appropriate song, and being ideal for Palm Week of Palm Sunday…

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern


Wednesday – 12 April 2017

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